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Dalbello Proton?

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Hello Everybody,

First I shall introduce myself. I am newbie on this forum and I live in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I am 35 year old. I ski since 8 years now. I ski for over 8 weeks. I think thats a total in skiing days. Most of my skiing I did in Val d´isere /Tignes in France and in Austria. I realy want to learn good skiing so that I can easily ski black narrow slopes and do some off piste skiiing (ski-safari or some helicopter skiing)

I recently bought some new boots. My old Head Edge 9.0 were a bit to soft (Flex 60) for me. I tried Lange Fluid 100 boots but they were to narrow (width). I had some terrible pain on both my little toes during some indoor skiing. The pain sent through out my whole foot sole. I do use Sidas comfortables soles.
I really liked the Lange boots. I liked the styling, the entering of the boot and I had no pain with my ankle and calf.
I decided to choose some other boots. I tried the Dalbello Proton 8 (flex 90) and they fit pretty good as well. I believe that the Dalbello boots have a wider width fit and I hope that they will ski fine.

I am an intermediate skier and I am pretty strong (1.86m and 95kg). Are the Proton 8 boots a good choise and can you tell me some more about this boots. The positive and negative aspects maybe? Does somebody now the exact size of the width?

Thanks and sorry for my english.

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lange concept 85 are wider then the fluids and look similar.

about a 103mm in size 7 vs 101mm insize 7 for the fluids

you can make any boot wider with getting a boot fitter to expand the shell. just make sure you have a 1cm shell fit
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Is a boot in size 28.5 (US size 10.5) wider than the same boot in size 28 (10)??
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same shell on 28. and 28.5 = same fit after a few days skiing
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