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Lenght of Karmas

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I'm pretty much convinced that my next pair of skis will be karmas. My question has to due more with what length to get. I'm 6'3'' and about 185. I ski pretty fast and aggressively and ski EVERYTHING (groomers, park, BC, you name it...), but I typically frequent Blue Sky. Is the difference between the 177s and the 185s going to be that noticeable, in other words am I going to sacrifice much of the "playfulness" of the 177s by going to the 185s, and am I going to lose some float of the 185s by going to the 177s?
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yeah they ski a little short thats for sure, also take into consideration where you plan to mount them....
I ski the 177s and i am a few inches shorter, and they work quite well. However im in western new york.
If it was any steeper or deeper i would say the extra length wold be a must.
If you are going to be in the park at all... and mount them forward even a little bit.. you will run out of tip real fast with the 177's
Id say 185s for sure
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Forgot to mention, I'm in a 342mm boot, so mounting is gonna influence a little more than usual. Is that reason to go even longer than 185s?
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I've commented on this before, and got jumped on... Everyone on here seems to like child length skis...

Put it this way, though... My WIFE skis those in a 185.

The effective edge length on those (because of the turned up tail) is equivalent to a 180 with a conventional tail. I put them side by side with my wife's 180 GS skis, and the contact length was virtually the same.

A 177 would feel closer to a 173, and a 169... well, just don't get a 169.
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def 185's I'm 5'10" 180 and that's what I ski, couldn't imagine much more playful being of any use if it limited everything else as IMHO a shorter length would.
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185, i have the 169 andim 5'10" 170. mine ski really short. i wish i went with 177. at your height and weight 185 wont be a problem, it will ski like a 180 due to the twin tip
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def 185...I'm 6-1 200 and I ski the 185....
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I just acquired a pair of 184's. I love these skiis, but could only demo the 177's and 184's. Given the opportunity, I'd consider the 191's.
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5'11" 185, I ride the 177.

like an over zealous dufus, I didn't even bother demoing the 185 as last season I was of the mind that anything over 180 was too long for me in a shaped ski.

now keep in mind that my previous rides were 198s and you gotta wonder what I was thinking.

i enjoyed the 177 when i rode it last season at Breck's upper bowls off the T-Bar. Lively, turny, helped me negotiate moguls (i'm not super proficient on 'em).

however, this year i rode 'em first day of the season (they're now kinda rock skis) and i found 'em a bit short on groomers and crud. knowing that they basically ride like a 180 in the 185, i'd get that if I could go back to the future (180 seems to be my sweet size as I'm loving my 180 No Ka Ois to death).
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