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The difference why Intuition liners are much warmer than normal foamed liners lies in the substance of the EVA thingy. It has a lot of gas bubbles inside, so basically it's as hard or nearly as hard as a foam liner - fits about the same, but has much lower weight and mass for the same volume. Therefore its a lot warmer.
In my experience it looses some of the form every 100days or so- because of that I remold my Intuitions every 2-3 years. (gotta lot days done per season). Every remold the Intuitions will become a bit harder and loose some volume - as more and more gas evaporates while baking and therefore you loose some warmth. You can remold them for 7-8 times. Some racers I know bake them 2-3 times and let them cool down to get them a bit harder before the first mold. However this is only relevant for snowboard hardboots or softboots where the Intuition liner can quite strongly influence the forward flex of a boot (just as a foamed liner in a snowboard boot who stiffens it up too). In a skiboot you wouldn't note a difference. However never forget to cover your toes with a toebox when molding - if you forget it one time the liner shrinks down and may become shortlasted. Molding is quite similar to normal foam.

I still use the older generation CPD Intuitions - They are now about 8 years old and still in top condition - I've heard that the new ones are of even higher quality, but don't know if they last as long. I assume you should get 300-400 days out of them easily too. Intuition changed something about their EVA a few years ago but I didn't quite get it. The old one sucked up the moisture. I never have a feeling ofwet feet in them though my feet swet a lot (impossible to dry overnight without a heated blower).

The Intution race liner is specifically made for plug boots. The normal liner for average volume boots.
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Circulation halted by boot-shell pressure...

I may be dead wrong, but as others have said...it' all about circulation. ....AND, I bet you have some non-"normal" features/angles somewhere...from your lower leg down thru the ankle area...out to your toes...Y/N? ..causing some hidden pressure points where your veins are somewhat vulnerable to circulation cutoff due to a so-so bootfit.

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