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Denver Rental Car Deals

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Anybody have a line on hot rental car deals, especially suv's, from DIA for February and March?

I've been doing some online pricing and the best I can find for an suv is about $ 400 for a week, plus tax.

All help is appreciated.
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I've had good luck with bidding on rentals via Priceline. You won't know your rental company until you've already commited, but I've saved lots this way. Check out to see what prices others have gotten for specific car levels and locations.

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You know you probably don't really need an SUV in CO. Unless your going to the San Juans you can get away with a regular car. Even then I actually prefer AWD or even FWD mini vans in the snow. Some cars like the Pacifica have a ton of storage room and are much cheaper to rent right now.
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I don't know if the price is the same since I booked it, but we have a Jeep Cherokee from Thrifty for $203/wk. plus taxes, the cheapest 4WD we could find. In the past we'd rented Subaru Outbacks from Hertz, but they're a lot more money. This is for Mid February btw.
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Just looked at and the Cherokee is now twice as much. Must be because I booked early, and/or some discount I used when I did it (AAA probably.)
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Check and look under the car rental headings. They list different coupon codes that you can use for discounts on rentals. Check National as well that's where we got our cheapest SUV rental out of SLC.
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VK, try In my experience they almost invariably give the best deals. They also give additional discounts if you have a Corporate account and on the odd occasions I have found them to be more expensive they have price matched to ensure they keep me coming back. A great company to deal with IMHO
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Originally Posted by ScotsSkier View Post
I would second this suggestion. Enterprise is kind of like the Southwest of car rental, in that they don't allow the travel sites search or book their stuff. I think a lot of people overlook them because of this. I'm not sure if they have good SUV deals though as I wasn't looking for one.

I was booking for the day after Xmas and found that if we stayed a night in Denver before traveling to Summit county, you could get a hotel to shuttle you from DIA and then there was an Enterprise less than a mile down the road from the hotel. The hotel in my case was Doubletree, which was the furthest one from the airport that I could find that offered a free shuttle. The off-airport Enterprise had MUCH cheaper rates. Also, staying a night in Denver is supposed to be good for acclimation.

Just a thought if your travel plans are flexbile... a night in Denver can pay off big time.
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I'm actually flying to Denver this Wednesday and I managed to get an SUV from Enterprise for a little under $300 (they say Ford Explorer or equivalent) for a week with unlimited miles. I'm alright with that.
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Good prices today on Expedia for mid-sized SUV's from Dollar and Thrify. $179/wk, that ends up being around $250 all in. I got a 10%discount for using an AMEX offer with Thrifty. Code is "AXPH" and is available if you call Thrifty to make the reservation. This is for a Ford Escape or equivalent. Something that I was told when I asked about whether it was 4WD or not....the lady at Thrifty customer service said that in CO it is a LAW that all rental SUV's are 4WD, not 2WD. I had (have) a standard SUV still reserved with Enterprise at around $540 all in for the week. Does anyone know if a Ford Escape always comes with a roof rack? I plan to bring bungie cords to attach our bags to the roof rack so we have more room inside. Our ski bags will be coated with potassium chloride by the time we get to Steamboat. Also, rental car reservations don't need to be cancelled, correct? They just expire?

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I rented a 2wd escape from Thrifty in SFO that did not have a rack.  

Correct, you don't have to cancel them, but it's probably a nice thing to do, sometimes they run out of cars.   Thursday night my flight into Aspen got canceled and I got the last car Alamo/National had in Denver.  Driving a Town Car over Vail pass at 3am was frickin scary, but it was way better than spending the night in Denver.  
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Travelocity today showed SUVs from Alamo at $160 per week plus taxes.
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Going, going ....gone. Prices on Travelocity are back up to "insane". Gotta strike when the iron is hot.

Expedia is back up also.
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