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I can't believe this!

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In MN, it has been ridiculous. It rained an inch a few weeks ago, but the total for snow for the season in my area is 7". In the areas where it isn't all gone, there is about 1.5" of crusty, almost gone snow. My yard is mostly brown. My local ski area has all manmade snow. At least it is better than no snow. Anyway, on the news, in southern MN, they are in a winter storm warning, with I believe a forecast of like 6" of snow. At least that's enough to snowmobile. The news just shows a map of the warnings/watches. My county is one county out of the watch! What is that?!?! It really can't snow here! Arrgh!

Sorry about that, I just can't stand that it can't snow in my area of MN!!
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I'm in Michigan almost straight accross from you in MN. We're forecasted to get 5-10". It started snowing here about 2 AM and its coming harder as we speak.

I'm very excited to be getting up to snowplow.
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