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Damp/softer ski advice

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Hello all. I have been reading the posts on this board for several years, and now need some advice.

I am 46, 5'8" 210 and do not like to so fast. I like shorter, smoother turns. I stick mostly to blue groomers, and have been venturing into the bumps lately and finding it enjoyable. Last year I was fitted for boots, and I feel it is time to get rid of the current skis (Salomon Verse) and find something better.

I have demoed several skis this year, but the selection has been limited. It seems like the slopeside demo centers (where you can easily try multiple skis) have little selection. The better selection is found away from the ski areas.

The stiffer Metrons, Volkls, Z9's, and X-wings were not really to my liking. I wanted to try the Z3's but none were available both times I demoed. I liked the feel (damp) of the B2's and the 1080's (with the 80mm waist) but feel like they may be too wide waisted from my needs, and would not be as good in the bumps.

I am looking for something with a more smooth feeling, that will get decent egde grip, and will be good in the bumps. I have heard good things about Dynastar and Volant, but have not tried them. Please throw out some suggestions. I would like to have some skis in mind when looking for the next place to demo. Thank you.
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By the way, I ski mostly in Colorado and New Mexico. I get out about ten days a year, and the most powder I have experienced is 6 inches. Please do not recommend a ski based on the fact that it is good in powder. If there is a huge dump, I will rent skis.
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A few suggestions for very good skis but a step down from the stiff top of the line. I would say you need a ski that will not punish you, but will allow you to progress also.


Fischer RX6
Head xrc800, Monster 72
Elan Speedwave 12 (or maybe 10 if the 12 seems too stiff, but the 12 is said to be an excellent perfromer, but very forgiving of mistakes.)
Dynaster Contact 9

Demo these if available. Most have a turn radius of about 13-14. All are less aggressive than their big brothers, but all are said to be excellent skis that will not let you down in the conditions you describe. I don't think you could go too far wrong with any of them. Demo, demo, demo is always the best advice.
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K2 Crossfire or Stryker. Fischer AMC 73, Nordica Eliminator

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Thanks for the input. I can get great deals on the following, but will not be able to demo as there ar none :

AMC 73 with FS 10's
Dynastar Ski Cross 9 with Pivot 12
iM 70's (newer supposedly softer) with Railflexs
2007 Bandit B1's with Axium 110 pros

If you were in my position needing skis for slower shorter turns, and some blue or blue/black bumps, which would you pick. Thank you again.
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Sorry for the confusion Tobydo55,

Posted the above comments on wrong thread. I was interested in this thread as it ties in with my questions on another one. I am about your same height and weight and am looking for a similar ski.
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