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Great day at the "Beast"

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The "Beast" held a bit of sunshine with great skiing all weekend long for our family. In what could have been mud & grass washout, turned into a beautiful spring skiing weekend from top to bottom! What is open is well groomed, challenging terrain and no lift lines! Thru all the doom and gloom of this season, the staff and fellow skiers kept positive attitudes. Always a great time at Berkshire East, Charlemont MA. Great job keep it coming.
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Hey Martydog, I was there today and yesterday as well. Agreed that it was fun Spring skiing, but sunshine?

My pick of the day today was actually Exhibition which was in great shape, a lot narrower than usual, but sweet, soft spring snow. I wish that Competition wasn't closed for the race though.

We'll have to hook up for some turns some weekend, I'm there every Sat./Sun. on the ski school now, but still get a lot of free runs.
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Hey Guys,

Last year-which was also a piss poor snow year in the east..though not like this year--the BEAST held beter snow conditions (on the limited terraiin open) than anywhere south of killington--There's some magic in the north facing hilllsides of Northwest Franklin County!

I patrolled Friday night-and it was warm, but the skiing was fun (soft and bumpy!)--I'll be back this friday (and sat and sunday too-with the weather I need to get some hill-days in!)--they are planning on having all of flying cloud open (yea!), and for those with youngsters or novice skiers-they expect to have roundabout open as well in addition to Chief, All of Competition, Exhibition and the various connector trails.

there's talk of even UMASS getting open by Sunday...but that'd be a surprise.

The Beast remains the best kept secret in Southern New England (and I'm torn on whether or not I want it to remain a secret--it could use the visits to stay in business--but then again-the crowd free skiing is addictive!).


it's finally winter around here!
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Yup, I ski Berkshire East with my kids on weekends -- won't go near the Southern Vermont resorts (too crowded = dangerous not to mention expensive) except on weekdays. Berkshire East is a great place to take the kids and have some mellow runs. The adult weekend ticket is getting pretty expensive though ($48 last season, probably $50 this season) for what they have to offer....
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