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Winter Park Ski Train...WTF?!

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So I'm in Colorado (Denver, actually) and was interested in riding the Ski Train to Winter Park.

Okay, so I didn't do my homework (the trip was actually a mix-up fly-by, but that's another story).

At any rate rode Saturday at Copper, got a little heated in Frisco and blew off Sunday. Figured I'd ride the Ski Train on Monday, what with it being a Holiday and all.

Get on the Winter Park/Ski Train website tonite and learn that they don't run the Ski Train on weekday holidays (no MLK, no Prez, etc).

That just blows my mind. 3-day weekends are gold in Tahoe and if they had a ski train i know that engine would be cranking on a weekday holiday.

bummed am i, that's for sure.

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but it will be running on Fridays and Thursdays later in the season.

Amtrak does run to Fraser (about 5 miles from Winter Park) [the California Zephyr route] leaves denver around 8am, leaves Fraser around 4pm, every day, for approximately the same price as the ski train.
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prolly just gonna stay "local" and hit one of the Summit County spots instead.

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