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Mammoth Mountain 1/12-1/13

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Made it up to Mammoth Thursday night in a snowstorm . Waking up to approx 5 inches of new snow Friday. Brutal cold accompined the storm and the daytime high Friday was 4 degrees. It was good it snowed a little bit . Mammoth needs snow. The groomers are in good shape but that's about it. The upper mountain off the gondola and chair 23 only has several ways down open. Its pretty "boney" at the top. Skied Friday and Sat, but bagged Sunday not wanting to spend another $78 for a ticket. No deals over MLK weekend. Found some gravel exploring the backside and had to opt for the FootLoose sports complete tune. Had my boots dremeled and it made a big difference. The guys at FootLoose really know their stuff.

People were saying that they don't anticipate any signifcant snowstorms within the next two weeks. That's a shame, hopefully Mammoth will get their yearly quota of snow and things will get better.
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That's an accurate report. All of the storms have been followed by winds that have blown the snow off the top.
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So one day of skiing after a trip all the way from Pennsylvania? Wow, that doesn't speak well at all for conditions (or prices). Wish we could have shown you a nearly normal winter, but frankly this year is way below normal. If this keeps up I bet it will be one we remember this Summer when there is no water. :
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I skied Friday and Sat. , I decided that another day and then driving down to Anaheim afterwards with the conditions that existed wasn't that motivating. Two days with the terrain that has good cover on it, unfortunately was enough. But poor conditions at Mammoth are still verey good conditions compared to here in Pa. We're in the process of rebounding here, Iwas out this AM for a few hours and we're coming back. Long range here is encouraging. I hope you guys can catch come storms and build up your base so you have a long season.
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bring your frontside skis

was up yesterday and will be up next weekend.

have seen it a lot more filled in but if you're relegated to cruising the groomed (some nice bump shots, too) at least there's plenty of it, and the cold temps have kept the snow in very nice condition.
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