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Ski Clubs

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I've been looking into a couple ski clubs in New England and was wondering if there are any people out there who are members of clubs. What do you think of ski clubs? Are they worth it? From what I have heard they are a good deal. Any thoughts? ANy suggestions for Clubs in New England.
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I know it isn't Mass, but CT has a wonderful ski council that gets discounted tickets at some great places.

Last year for the Sugarbush Gathering, someone suggested AE Ski club. I joined, and took advantage of the cheap area tickets, but also the CT Ski Council Days .

You did not have to commit to going, so if plans changed, there was no advance money. Also, the club doesn't require meeting time or participation.

This was good for me. I'm not looking for a place that has a lodge and committment times.
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I've heard that the Boston Ski and Sports Club is pretty good: www.bssc.com I haven't used it, but friends who have say it's a good club with great deals.
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AE sounds like a good deal, Kee Tov! We're looking into it. The lift ticket prices for last year were about half price. Thanks for the link!!
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I think you're too late to get the discount vouchers (deadline was Oct. 10), but for $20 pp, you can take advantage of the CT Ski Council Days.
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Now being a Vermonta, check out the local areas. Many have "Vermont Days".

Okemo, Bromley, Stratton are a few that gave additional discounts on certain days to locals.

Magic Mountain I believe is having $20 Tuesdays!!!!!
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I guess I'll be skiing alone a lot! Some people have to work weekdays!
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I'm in one of our local clubs (see www.fallline.org), and I think it's great. For local trips, they have a bus that leaves NJ right by my house at 6pm on Friday, drives to Vermont, and gets you home late Sunday night. It saves wear and tear on both me and my car.
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Looked into Miramar once. Buncha NYC yentas. Not really my bag.

I s'pose if you find the right group though, being part of it can be quite beneficial. Good luck.
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I belong to AE. Only know about 3-4 other members. Never been to a meeting. I just send money.

I knew a guy who belonged t the mid-jersey ski club http://www.mjsc.org/default_body.asp

They have a lodge. He indicated that it was not very clickie, as far as the group goes.
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check out eicsl.org
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yes, definitely join. its what ? around $40 annual and you get a chance to ski several places in either canada, europe or the U.S. each year that you probably have not been to and stay at nicer resorts for the same or a lot less than if you scheduled the trip yourself.
if you dont want to ski or hangout with them, you dont have to; but they are usually good skiers that have been all over and some can tell you the best trails on the mountain.
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Go to www.skifederation.org which is the National Ski Council Federation (all major councils and ski clubs in the U.S.), click on NSCF Councils link, and then click on the section of the map for your part of the country.
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