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FKS Bindings -- Broken

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Well I just found out that my heel piece for my Rossignol FKS race binding is broken. My friend who works at the local ski shop confirmed that the spring mechanism that is broken can't be replaced, and my only solution is so find a new heel piece. I posted in the FS/WTB forum, but what are my other options? I am going to keep a lookout on ebay, but just wanted to know if there is any other ways to go about tracking down just a heel piece.

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I would see if you can get in touch with the Rossi/Look warranty department and see if they can hook you up. They may have a single heel kicking around.
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I have done surgery on the original Course FKS binding, combining pieces from a damaged race room heelpiece with pieces from a damaged (in a different way) retail stock heelpiece to make one functional heelpiece, but I'm not sure if such things are possible (and probably not feasible unless you happen to have the pieces sitting around to do it).
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There is a 5 year warranty on almost all bindings, the warranty dept. may very well offer you a replacement.
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Anothre option to try---depending on where you live is to just go visit a factory site.

sales, distribution---whatever is relatively close.

A friend once took a broken ski to the Rossi address in Burlington Vt and was able to walk out with the good half of another broken set in the same vintage and model. But he had to do the sifting as I recall.
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My FKS are one of the original ones, so there is no warranty left on them. I don't believe there is a local rossi factory site, but that is a great idea.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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