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Broke my Ripsticks!

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Third run on my new elan ripsticks, absolutly LOVING them, I was really pushing them to their limits and took a really long and fast sliding fall when I finally did lose my edge. (Hey had to find out how far I could push them!) Anyways, I put my skis back on ski down to gondola, get back on and as im riding up I notice a HUGE crack through the topsheet in the upper 1/3 on the ski somewhat near the tip. It looks like it goes all the way down to the titanium top sheet. Took it them to a few repuatable shops where they had mixed feelings on how bad the damage was. Called my dealer and it looks like Elan will be replacing the skis. I hope I don't break my next pair because these things are AWESOME (other than them breaking obviously ...)
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Maybe that's why they call them 'Rip'-sticks. They rip in more ways than one?
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I have never had a problem with mine and have nothing but praise for them.
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