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Originally posted by SLATZ:
Is that a Mt. Bachelor thing?
Nah, its a Oregon spring thing. When you retire to Ashland you'll find the best place to have a beer is in the parking lot taking in a view of Mt. Shasta.
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Sphrrt, Your forgetting that at legacy with your season pass you get 10% off the food that is marked up two times what it's worth.
As for Empire lodge at Deer Valley Like all deer Valley restaurants It sucks. If you ski deer Valley don't go there. Bad food bad service The deck gets way to much sun. They serve bad 3.2 beer.
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I am surprise about Utah49's post. I liked everything about Powder Mountain. Friendly people, great prices, and most snow in Utah. The lodge was small but the food was good/reasonable. Midweek new snow and nobody there. We were only there one day on the drive up to Jackson Hole.

I typicaly don't spend a lot of time in a lodge during the ski day. In fact come to think about it, I was in Jackson Hole for entire week and never went in their base lodge. H'mm I wonder what it was like. I guess I missed that one. I was known to crawl out of the Mangee Moose a few times.

Hunter has their priority for the base lodge in the right order. Top priority for Hunter Mtn base lodge is no waiting for the bathroom. I know this is my top/only priority for an eastern ski lodge.

I know a lot of people don't like the summit lodge (pill box) at Hunter Mtn. But its got great natural solid rock fireplaces on all floors. The lodge was built in early 1970s. The rock for the fireplace they got to the top of the mountain in an old 1920s antique half track dump truck with solid ruber tires (no air tires) in the front and buldozer tracks in the back. I say antique because when they were using it for hauling rocks there was one in a museum.

While I am it, I like the 4 time super bowl (not champs) Buffalo Bills too. I hit bottom so I brake.

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Catskills, I'll admit that I was jugding the book by it's cover. The lodge is rather shabby looking at best. I know that Powder Mountain is a great ski Mountain. Truth is it may be a better Mountain then Alta or Snowbird if for no other reason It would remain pretty much untracked for days after a strom. I'm looking forward to skiing there this coming season. It is about a 2 hour drive up there from my home to powder mountain. But i have a feeling the drive will be worth it.
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Hey Utah49 tough life having a 2 hours drive time to deep perfect powder almost all season. I am gealous.

Since Powder Moutain was the only ski area I have ever skied in Utah I figured all the Utah mountains never get tracked up. I guess Powder Mtn. is better than most ski areas in the tracked up departement.
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