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skiing exercise guide or dvd?

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Are there any good books or DVDs with ski-specific exercises? I have an old tape (set at Whistler), but it is not too difficult to do. I also use the Power 90 and P90X series from Beachbody, but that is not ski-specific. Any suggestions?:
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Check out Fitskiing.....and, at the risk of being totally self promotional: my book, Open Your Heart With Winter Fitness will be available in a few weeks.
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I recently bought a book by Mark Hines called Skiing Fitness and I would really recommend it.

It gives good background information on how the body works and responds to exercise but is refreshing in not making any bold claims that are supported by credible research.

The exercises are focussed on proprioception, balance, endurance, strength and power. All of the exercises are designed to be specific to skiing. The only equipment required (for the more advanced exercises) is a BOSU and some form of weight, like a medicine ball. Otherwise the exercises can easily be done at home or the gym.
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Thanks for the suggestions. And, I will check out Lisamarie's book.
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NY Skier,
Check out Douglas Brooks' DVD on skiing fitness. He has developed a workout program using the BOSU. http://www.bosupro.com/scripts/cgiip...em=10875-8VBP2

FitSkiing.com also has quite a few video demonstrations of different ski specific exercises.

Core Performance, which isn't neccessarily geared towards skiers, has some great videos and books that skiers can utilize as well. www.coreperformance.com

Working our "core" and improving our proprioceptive abilities are very important in skiing. Performing some of the exercises that solely focus around proprioceptive training, etc... can be overly challenging for many to start with though. Sometimes starting out with fixed position machines like the leg press or seated row can build a good foundation for some of the more challenging "functional" exercises that have become so popular in the last decade. Assessing where you are with your fitness and developming a well rounded program using free weights, machines and balance tools like the BOSU might be something to think about. Best of Luck.

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A skier needs to improve balance, flexibility, cardio endurance, and certain muscles...quads, core (including obliques), and others. Plyometrics are helpful, but not the only excercise needed.

So...yoga, biking uphill standing on the pedals (standing on the pedals helps balance), and whatever else you like. Don't neglect any of the areas I list above.

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