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Bulk Wax, Paraffin-for home hot wax

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I have pulled up archives and read them on the topic but I wanted to find out if anyone has any current sources for good buys on bulk wax. I contacted Hertel Wax and they no longer sell their screamin deal on bulk wax seconds. Any leads or suggestions on buying wax or brewing wax for hot waxes would be appreciated.

In reading the archives I got a few threads talking about paraffin for hot waxes. Do any of you use straight paraffin for hot waxing?

I'd like to get into the "Zen of Ski Maintainence" and hot waxes seems like a bite size start. Thanks from a relative newbie to the sport!
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If your willing to buy in real bulk toko will sell you a case dirrectly.
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r'ever thanks for your informative post, I am not looking to buy in real bulk from Toko. I am just looking for an alternative to buying a 4 ounce bit of wax at the ski shop for 15 bucks.

I've heard opinions from hot waxing regularly to hot waxing rarely. I was just hoping to get some information from the epic ski pool.
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Well, the screaming deal may not be there, but Hertel still sells their St. Louis (3/4 lbs) brick for $19, with free shipping. It is better (but not cheaper) than paraffin.
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For simple hot waxing for cleaning purposes, I use straight parrafin, and I know there are others that do, as that is where I got the tip. On a new pair of skis I just got, it worked great, hot scraped about 5 times, each time a little cleaner, and you can't beat the price. Then applied hot sauce for the "real" wax.
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Though I am new at tuning my own stuff I have read on this site quite a few people using regular paraffin for storage wax and hot scraping as you mentioned. It makes sense.

I picked up a 1 pound pack at my grocery store for under $3.00. Look at a couple grocery stores and you might find it cheaper.
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If you want to get into some ski tuning and looking for inexpensive wax (but decent), check out the SVST 10 oz packages. They have universal and other temp specific waxes over on Racewerks for $9 (that is about 280 grams of wax) That will do quite a few pair of skis...
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I buy swix wax (ch series) in their bulk package which is a bar about the size of half of a common brick. It cost about $12 to $18 depending on the scorce. I use ch7 which works well for most temps. around here. It is a much purer wax than parafin and fomulated for ski hot waxing.

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Talk to you Swix dealer, they should be able to get you 900g packages for ~$60. Otherwise, SVST's RaceService wax "SBC-1" comes in 450g bars for ~$30.
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To add to the list of bulk options, Maplus Universal Hot 250g is $8 & a kilo is around $19.
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I use paraffin for hot scrapes all the time, and sometimes as a "base prep" or storage wax. You can use it as a regular wax too. The main downside is that it's pretty soft. Roughly the equivalent of a yellow wax.

Various retailers sell bulk packages of ski-specific waxes at good prices. Yes, the price is going to be higher than paraffin, but if you figure out the price per wax you're talking about saving something like a quarter per wax job. If that's a significant difference, you might be in the wrong sport

The previous post mentions that 1000 grams can be had for as little as $19. Artech used to sell 1000 grams of Toko universal wax for $20, but I didn't see it there when I looked just now. Tognar still has 900 grams of Swix universal for $27. Incidentally, that's quite a bit cheaper than $19 for 3/4 pound of Hertel (about 340 grams). The Hertel prices out to $50 for 900 grams or $56 for 1000. I think the Hertel marketing strategy is based on the (accurate) assumption that most people don't either know how much a gram is or care to find out. Apparently 3/4 of a pound sounds like a big honking brick, while 900 grams just sounds like something European.
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Thanks to all for the information and tips. This is my 3rd season of skiing and I am having a blast. Up to now I've been having my skis hot waxed and tuned up at the Kirkwood shop. The more I read here on epic, the more I am leaning towards doing my own ski maintainence.

I enjoy tinkering with my own gear. I work on my road and mountain bikes, I even wrench on my motorcycle. Heck I even make my own bowstrings and arrows for archery. My motivation isn't so much to save a buck, as it is to learn more about my gear and to gain an understanding of how it all works. I also enjoy the independence of being able to do my own repairs too. Learning about ski maintainence seems like a natural progression.

Snow cover has been a bit thin this season, and my bases and edges are showing it. It looks like I will be looking for more than just hot wax stuff. I am not looking to save a quarter per hot wax , rather I was looking for a better option than buying a chunk of wax the size of a snickers bar for $15.

I've gotten some options now and some good leads on ski tuning equipment as well. I'll keep reading the archives for tuning instructions and more than likely get back on here and pose some more questions and share my progress. Thanks again and pray for snow!
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Originally Posted by nova2 View Post

In reading the archives I got a few threads talking about paraffin for hot waxes. Do any of you use straight paraffin for hot waxing?
Yes, and it is very effective above 20 degrees.

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My pinhead BC skiing partner uses only paraffin that he gets from the hardware store for super cheap. He swears by it, and it certainly doesn't slow him down. He kind of laughs at me because of my "smogasbord" wax box. (I'm also an XC skier; I've got loads of wax).

As observed above, it is very similar to Swix yellow: a soft wax that irons in easily and seems to provide the best glide in warmer temps. Paraffin is very soft, making excellent base cleaning/prep (something for colder/harder waxes to bind to) and is really the ideal summer wax.

I'm confident paraffin is good for keeping up the "health" of the ski base, but I can't see it helping performance any. But if you're not a racer looking to eke out an extra quarter-second, who cares? Try the paraffin and post about it here.

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Originally Posted by sjjohnston View Post
Tognar still has 900 grams of Swix universal for $27.
I just looked on www.tognar.com, and it lists a 900g chunk of Swix universal for 35.95 (item # SWX-U2090)

Am I looking in the wrong place?
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How do I contact Toko if I want to buy in bulk directly? How much am I looking at buying, and how much am I going to spend?
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