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So am I the only one for whom conditions are sucking right now?

I skinned up to one of my favorite areas today, about three miles skin in before you start skinning uphill for turns, and when I got to the base of the chutes I didn't even bother to go any further. Waaaaaaay too many rocks, nothing covered, not even close to skiable. SNOTEL site gave a respectable report but the thing must have been buried by a snowy bush. Site survey said something completely different.

I mean, if I had wanted a non-ski day I WOULD HAVE WORN SNOWSHOES.

So far I only have four days this year and only two of them were worth a damn. (Those two were great for early season, have to admit.) I shouldn't whine, I guess, last year was a great season and the year previous was epic... but come on!!! It's January!!! We should be seeing more snow than this!!!

Are you guys getting better BC conditions? Am I due for a road trip????
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Things are actually pretty fat in Colorado right now. I have gone from the wrecked splitboard to the new one and no serious damage to it so far. Riding with confidence in the bc etc.

It seems Cali/Nevada is a little behind so far this year. If the predictions are correct Feb could be a banner month for you guys and it's going to dry up for Utah/Colorado.

Why can't everyone just get hammered at the same time?
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