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So I did my part today…coming down Tamarack there was a person clearly frightened and beyond the skills required. I talked her down, side slipping to the lift then my wife and I coached her down Lady Slipper to the main lodge. She did good! By the time we got there she could initiate turns, link them, slow at will and stay balanced through her turns. She will be back; her son was in ski school!
So I have to say Thanks to Kneale, Joan and Tom for teaching me how to turn; without which I would have nothing to pass on to her.
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Ryel: I am still indeep gratitude to you for that time at the Canyons, when you helped me through my panic attack in the deep powder.
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no worries mate, you were just cold and looking for a good fireplace to warm up by.
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Mmmm! I'm confused. Is LisaMarie the subject of the initial post?
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no, LM was another mountain years back when I was lucky enough to get a day with the Bears.
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Sorry for the confusion. I was just trying to show that this sort of behavior is typical of Ryel!
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Ryel, good job. I have been in that situation a couple of times and it nice to be able to lend a hand.
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