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Alta Lodges?

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I just found this website, and this is my first post here. My question is about lodging in Alta. We've skied there a number of times, and love it there, but have always stayed at Snowbird. So now I'm wondering about the Alta lodges---can anyone give a recommendation or information, positive or negative? I know that the main ones---Alta Peruvian, Alta Lodge, Snowpine, Goldminer's Daughter,etc.---all provide breakfast and dinner in the price. Is the food any good? All of these places get mostly bad reviews on Tripadvisor. We dodn't need luxuxry, and don't mind smallish rooms, etc., but we do like good food.

Or is there some other alternative we should consider for on-mountain lodging at Alta? The condos all seem somewhat removed from the lifts; too far to walk so one would need a car, which we don't want to do.

Thank you for your hlep.
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Of course I meant "thank you for your help".
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Welcome to Epicski! You can use the search feature and will probably find all kinds of info on this subject. FWIW, a group of us go to Alta every year and stay at the Goldminer's Daughter Lodge -- a few of us are "foodies" and consider the food there to be very very good to excellent. The chef has been there for several seasons, and we think that he does a great job. Some of the rooms there are a little funky, but it is hard to beat the value and the convenience. One of my friends has stayed at a couple of the places at Snowbird and feels that the GMD has got them beat. I hear equally good things about the other lodges as well.
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Thank you!

I did try the "search the forums" function, using just the word "Alta", but it seemed everything that came up was related to the skiing, not the lodging. I'll try again. . .

In the meantime, thanks for the info on Goldminer's
Daughter. "Foodie" probbly describes us pretty well too. I'll check out their website. . .
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The food at the Peruvian is just fine. Stay away from the pasta, though. At 8500 feet, it doesn't seem to come out that well.

I have stayed there a number of times and think it has a great atmosphere...friendly staff and friendly guests. The bar is a lot of fun, as well.

Breakfast is ample and if you can wait for the omelet cook, quite good.

Alta Lodge is more expensive, but I understand that the food is quite good, there, too.
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Hey, It's hard to cook a 8500 foot long noodle.
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Check out these two links below from Good reviews of all Alta lodging. You might also want to search this forum under "Alta lodging".
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I really like the Peruvian. It's a little funky and the first time I went there my initial impression was the place was a bit of a dump... It grew on me big time, though.

The best thing is it's really relaxing. You don't have to worry about anything - where to eat, driving anywhere etc. Get up, eat breakfast, ski all day. Float in the outdoor pool and drink a beer, eat dinner, sleep, repeat.

The food is plenty good and plentifull. I'm a chef by trade, and one of the things that worried me a little was that they'd serve crap but I was pleasantly suprised. The meals are served at tables of eight and you meet many folks over dinner in the course of your stay.

There are legions of regulars at the Peruvian - lots of people who go there every year and have been doing so for ages.
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My family just spent five days at the Goldminers Daughter Lodge, for the first time. Previously we stayed in Sandy and drove up. So the question is, is it worth forking out about 250 dollars or more a night for the food and not driving up.

I had bad altitude sickness for three days, so that may color some of my views - apparently staying at 8500 feet it is not so uncommon. And one of the symptoms is loss of appetite!

My wife had scallops the first night with half a bottle of wine, and she said as she ate them that they tasted a bit odd. She vomited it all up within a few hours - what was the reason? We don't know.

Otherwise, the food was good. It was Italian in inspiration. For us, however, it was too rich to eat every day - a lot of salt, and "creative" in style. The chef seems to aim at intensity of flavor - the tomato sauces were very red, salty and acidic. I personally find that I can only eat that kind of food now and then. The desserts were good, appreciated by my daughter (11 years old).

The problem was that the food started to taste all the same and we got fed up with it quickly. Once you are at the lodge you are locked into it. I wish we could have had the choice to go off somewhere else a couple of nights.

Still, no denying that the people staying and working there were a very nice crowd, and Alta itself has a great atmosphere. We caught the powder dump, too, which was wonderful.
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just so i can be sure i'm not missing out on any amazing deals, when you guys talk about "reasonable" lodging prices on the mountain we're still talking like $300+ a night for double occupancy right? cause i can't seem to find anything for cheaper than that and that may even be pushing it.
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Stayed at the Peruvian last winter, in the dorm room no less. I thought the food was pretty good; not gourmet, but generally impressive. Rooms are plain. Someone once described it as a "frat house." Perhaps, but in a good way. Warm, friendly people. Great atmosphere. Heated pool is nice because the hot tubs get very crowded. Lobby is cozy. Nothing elegant. Very down to earth. For example, they have a ski tuning bench for guests right by the ski lockers.

FYI. They include lunch in the deal.

I would go back in a heartbeat.
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Before I moved here, I usually stayed at the Cliff Lodge and took the bus the 1/2 mile to Alta. It's a really stunning place. Don't let the ten story concrete and glass structure fool you- it's all function. The landscape outside is savage and thrilling- the pines out back are 100 feet tall and you are either looking straight up the mountain or across to Mt. Superior. It's built like a bunker because it's below the Superior slide path. Anyway, it's nice and it's a relative bargain-

I've stayed at the Peruvian in the men's dorm when avalanches closed the canyon (literally sealed it) and nobody could get down. A couple thousand day skiers had to pack into the lodges and hotels for shelter. I got the last bunk in a room of four. Dozons of people were stuck in the hallways and lobby. The staff was amazing. They opened the freezers and fed everybody, found blankets and pillows for those in the halls and lobby. Anyway, that's the spirit at the Peruvian, they were great.
On the other hand, while we were interlodged at Alta all day, the patrol at Snowbird let everybody out to ski something like 3+' of fresh powder...

I never quite understood why the Rustler is so expensive. I've eaten there a good bit and the view is much better than the food. Turn off your cell phone at table or risk the wrath of the cell-phone nazi.

P.S. The food at the Bird can be quite good and there are four or five restaurants to choose from within a short walk. At the Cliff, The Aerie is a very classy joint on the top floor with a nice white tablecloth dinner or Sushi at the bar. Breakfast at the Cliff is a great buffet off the lobby. (I don't remember if it was included, but it's not expensive) Lunch would be on the hill, I'd expect.
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RE: $300/night

According to this site you can find a few deals for around 1/2 that.

you might find better deals over at Solitude in BCC too if you can double up with some people in a condo. I've done this renting condos before and you can really drive the price down per person.
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Great prices ct55- any one of those buildings is really good location and view wise. Now you just need a group...
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yup - the guy that runs those is one of my secret weapons for finding reasonably priced good lodging on my Utah trips. I've had good luck with him too ....
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I am with MisterK. I love the Peruvian and most of the other lodges, but I always seem to gravitate back to the Peruvian. I also like the Cliff, I usually stay there after Alta has closed. Just the whole vibe of being up at the resort is so much better.

IMHO: Staying in a Motel 6 and eating in a strip mall is overrated. I do that enough when I am working.
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I think I remarked in an earlier thread that it seems like most folks who post here recommend staying in Sandy, Midvale or PC. The idea is to hit as many mountains as possible in four or five days. It makes for a frenzied week!

A four or five day stint at one of the lodges at Alta is very relaxing and you get to expend your energy sking instead of schleping gear, driving, finding places to eat etc. There is MORE than enough skiing between Alta and The Bird to keep me happy for weeks at a time

Invariably, you'll encounter some discontented guests if you stay at the peruvian who don't appreciate the rustic charm and lack of much to do besides skiing. If you're like me and most of the other guests you'll hardly notice them, though. You'll be way too chilled out and content to get caught up in their bad trip!
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excellent point MisterK - it is supposed to be a vacation (something I always seem to have to remind myself when I'm on one
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I'm a Peruvian guy myself. It's more on the rustic side and I'm sure there are some people that would hate it (the Four Seasons crowd), but it's my kind of place. It's full of people that are there to ski, rather than be seen, but that's Alta anyway. Breakfast is great, the dinners are good, and you can have a great time eating with new people. It's got the hot tub, pool, and one of the best (i.e. rowdy) bars after skiing. One of my favorite joys of skiing is being in a bar after a powder day and being a part of the energy that you find in a bar. You're a short skate to the lifts and your last run down to the lodge always has good snow if you do it right.
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