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When I was first learning to teach a fellow teacher told me, "Shut up and ski the kid." Best tip and concept I ever got as an instructor. You only learn to ski by doing it, not talking about it.
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Well, I got my best ski tip ever today. Conditions: LOTS of snow, but I wouldn't call it powder. I've always pretty much been freaked out by what the Ice Coaster in me saw as "excess snow" and I have been working through this issue since I moved out west. Anyway, have overcome my fear for pretty much all the groomers but still saddled with it for moguls and steep treed runs. I've been tending to make huge turns across the hill before going into the next turn. The result is I'm always bouncing over moguls or wind wales as I go, making it difficult to stay centered, etc. Today, my friend told me to walk my poles down the hill. Basically, he told me to plant my pole, turn around it and immediately plant the other pole. This forced me to look down the hill, not across the hill and the next thing you know I am linking turn after turn after turn, going a LOT slower and in far more control than before. The depth of the snow turned out to be a non-issue all of a sudden and so did a lot of the large soft moguls. Of course, occasionally a tree was in that spot so I'd have to skip a turn to get around it, but I got down one black after another with less work and a bigger grin.

Pete, I got down Hollywood the whole length and only stopped a couple of times to scrape snow off my goggles. Not like I was when you guys were here (of course there isn't any ice NOW).
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A thousand tips in one.....

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Best Tip

To think of skiing lije driving an old american car. That you need your hands in front of you to keep the car on the road. And that your knees are the headlights you use to steer your car around the corner with.

Always keep turning even in the deep powder to have fun.
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I'll give this tip:

Have a couple of snacks in your pockets. That will keep you going all day. If you ate breakfast, you won't need to stop for lunch. Save yourself from those crowds, that bad, expensive food. And during the peak lunch hours, 12-2, the slopes will be all yours.

Tip 2: Get good enough so that you can do double black diamonds. On busy days, most of the people will be on the greens and blues and you'll be with maybe 2 other people on a double black, feeling like you have the mountain to yourselves.
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The best ski tip I ever received was to never try to teach your wife to ski.

Eversince I followed that advice, my wife has been skiing ten times better.
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Originally Posted by ftgrfr View Post
I don't get some of HH's stuff. How could you not tip the inside ski? Also, extending the outside leg and retracting the inside leg - how could you not do this? The outside leg is down the hill so it must extend more.

My best tip: keep shoulders perpendicular to the fall line
He means ACTIVELY tipping it, not slightly or passively allowing the ski to gently tip. ACTIVELY tipping. For example. Stand up and with your right foot try and aim the complete bottom of your shoe facing the right side of your left shoe. That's how much tipping he's talking about. Not just allowing a gentle slant of the ski. When I first started ACTIVELY and seriously tipping, the change of direction in turns was immediate!

And the same for the outside leg comment. Yes, it's already extended but you can ACTIVELY extend it more.
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Sibhusky, You go girl. Good tip and it works for sure. A little like my original tip on this thread - be pole ready. Helluva run wish I'd have been with you. However skied down to the freeway/poaching powder yesterday, 20".
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