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912 Binding Adjust

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I'm hoping someone can save me some driving around.

I tried some new boot 3 weekends ago and the shop told me they adjusted my Salomon S912 bindings to accomodate the slight decrease in sole length of these new boots. Last weekend I went back to my old boots and the shop told me they adjusted my bindings back. Things didn't feel right and they didn't feel right this morning. I think the binding isn't holding my boots tight enough in the binding.

It's been a few years since I fiddled with bindings and my meomory is failing me. Is there a way I can test the hold of the boot? When I look at the forward pressure indicator at the back of the binding it is right at the far end of the "range." If I remember correctly, the indicator is suppose to be closer to the middle of the "range."

If anyone is familiar with the S912 could you please tell me how to tighten up the binding.

I have no problem going back to the shop, I'm just trying to save me some driving if possible. Thanks for any advice.
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The 'Driver' series salomon (the 912 is) have three seperate adjustments for boot retention. Forward pressure, toe height and toe wing.

Toe height is adjusted by the screw on the top of the toe piece, you see it when you look down on your ski from above. Quite obvious. Place a standard business card on the AFD and place your boot into the binding, tighten the screw until you can feel tension when you pull the card out, but you can still pull the card out.

Toe wings are adjusted by a screw on the side of the toe 'wings'. I always back this adjustment all the way out (loose) before checking Fwd. Pressure. Then set toe height then with the boot in tighten the screw until you get solid contact with the upper radius of the boot.
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Frwd Pressure Adjust

The toe height and wing "looked" fine when I checked while on the hill. I will double check when I get home, but how is the foward pressure adjusted. I don't have my skies with me but I seem to recall 3 screws in the heal piece. One obviously adjusts DIN setting. There is one vertical screw on each side of the heal piece that looks like it screws into the small riser. Geesh, how quickly the memory fades.
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The S912 has a 'tab' on the back of the heel, flush to the ski. Lift this with a flathead screwdriver, this allows you to slide the heel fwd or back. push it down to click it back in place. Binding should move back covering 1/2 of this tab when boot is in the binding.
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