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Fireworks can be fun and dangerous. If you use them please be careful. Need more information, see here: (graphic X-ray) http://www.gruntdoc.com/2007/01/fireworks_psa.html

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When I do shoot "airburst" type things, I use extra fuse and the tube is anchored to a fixed board.

I also use extra duct tape on the tubes (candy stripped), just in case the they had "a bad day" at the "Lucky Tiger Fireworks and Laundry Soap" factory in China.

I'm fifty feet away and behind a boulder when it goes off.
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One time, I drove my scooter (honda) over to a neighbor's bonfire. Some had the wise idea to drop 2 "morters" as we call them down the tube, and light them both. Surprise, one just blew up on the ground, about 15' away from my scooter. And it was a big one. I then moved my scooter.

New Year's Eve I felt like I was doing such a redneck thing-
I had an empty bottle, a gross of bottle rockets, and I was aiming bottle rockets at things. I shot one in a big bonfire, and much to my surprise, it came back at me, and blew up by my right foot. Then I decided to shoot them at a tree. Watch them get stuck in the branches. I was about 50 yards from a 55 gal drum (burning barrel), and I almost hit the barrel with the bottle rockets. I was like 3' from it. Pretty accurate, IMO, for a bottle rocket. We never really get anything bigger than bottle rockets and firecrackers. Too much money. $10 for a gross of bottle rockets, and some firecrackers, and that's all the fireworks I need.
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