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salomon falcon 10 or atomic m11 boots

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I am looking for new boots and the mentioned boots seem to be a good fit for me. I would like some opinions on these boots.

I also wonder what is the difference between the atomic m 110 and m11?

The 2 boots are in different shops, i have the feeling that the cuff of the falcons is higher, is that correct?

Size always difficult. I fit inthe m11 sise 27 the salomon feels ok in size 28 but is to narrow on the foot in size 27,5! But although my foot has room to slide back -forward (gently) inthe salomon size 28 this boot has a better grip on my shin and ankle. Altough the atomic is not bad in this respect.

What should i give priority the better fitting lenght or the better shin and ankle retention?

Greetings from Belgium.

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I looked at all of these boots earlier this year and they are all good boots. The m110 is Atomics 06/07 boot and the m11 is their 05/06 boot. I don't think there were huge changes between them. I ended up getting last year's Atomics because I could purchase them for half the price.

Some of the advice I've heard on the site that helped me included "see a bootfitter"! You should start with a shell fit as a guide to determining the fit. I found that I took one shell size smaller (26 instead of 27) than I would otherwise have expected. I kept trying smaller shells until my foot wouldn't go in to the shell. Then I went one size larger (because I don't want a total race fit).

From what you say, I would be concerned that the Salomon may be too big in the 28. Try to find something that will fit you evenly through the foot without allowing movement. The liners will compress and the bootfitter can grind and punch the shell to make it bigger. It's really hard to correct the fit of a boot that starts out too big though.

Good luck on your quest for the perfect boot!
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Try some type of footbed in the falcon. I found that with a foot bed it really changed the fit of the boot. I have a good size foot too.
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yeah that awesome heal hold you feel with the falcon that makes you think you can get away with a half size too big... well, DONT COUNT ON IT .. take the liner out and feel where all the healhold is comming from its the liner not the shell and it packs out in about 5-6 days leaveing you with a boot thats snug, tight fittiting, yet sloppy at the same time
I ended up buying the 27.5 in the falcon and was sure it would work because my heal wouldnt budge, however if you look at my heal area compared to a new one off the wall... BIG Difference.
So needless to say if anyone wants some 27.5 falcon 10s just let me know they are up for grabs
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