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why europeans?

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Epicski was probably one of the first "conversational" web sites that I had encountered.

Needless to say, this started a "hunt and peck" kind of search for other sites across the web and across the pond. I do recall a few British sites that were giving it a go but the posts were something like one per week, mostly "holiday" oriented and of little substance regarding technique or gear.

I guess those other (UK) sites never quite made it since the number of Brits and relatives (OZ/NZ), appear to be on the increase.

Are there other ski sites across the pond that are worth a visit?
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Come-on Fuxup! there’s:

And for the clued-up septics here’s a site for good early/late deals if you register for email notification.
Hint: book a cheap £200 all-in ski deal flying from London and take a budget AA flight from the Eastern Seaboard. You’ll be taking pot luck on the accommodation, the service will be (to your eyes) bizarre, the beer stupidly expensive (hit the hypermarche), the women unattainable (unless you’ve a Porsche in your boot bag), but the runs will chill your soul!
You might even get some London time (if that’s what blows yer skirt up).

And they’re supposed to be building this! http://www.midsuffolk.gov.uk/environ...asis/plans.htm
15 miles from my front door. 500+m long with a 120m drop OK it's a green but it's 365/24/7 and a 'park'

got to go Red Dwarf’s starting.

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The most gratifying thing for me is that since I posted the links above, two people have registered with the same name as me, but just varied the spelling of the initials on one of the sites.
It's funny to see people with such sad lives that they think copying me is a good idea.
I guess if they are too embarrassed to be themselves, they need to try to become like someone worthwhile who is respected. (something they will never be)
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