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Swix CH4

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It's going to be really cold here tomorrow. The forecast is suggesting -10 in the morning and highs around 5. I decided that I needed to have the fastest skis on the hill so I picked up some Swix ch4. Wow is this stuff supposed to be incredibly hard? The block had cracks in it fresh out of the box and when you drip it on the base it needs a lot of heat. Scraping it took act of god but when finished the bases were as smooth as glass. I actually a little scared to ski on them in the morning. Any recommendations on applying it next time and when I switch wax temps should I just hot wax this off or will that not work with such a hard wax?
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I wouldn't worry about hot waxing it off if you are going to ski before you next switch waxes.

Some people scrape CH 4 before it entirely cools. Others argue against that practice. On the rare occasions that I use it, I just make sure that my scraper is very sharp (and that I dress very warmly that day).
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One approach with hot waxing hard waxes is to place fiberlene, brown paper bag or shop towels between iron and base to absorb the wax. Also, try to use the absolute minimum amount of wax. Placing a teflon sheet between iron and base can help to protect the base if you really want to conserve/mimimize wax and reduce scraping. The Maplus Race Base Hard is like scraping epoxy. I ended up needing a metal scraper and metal brush when I first tested it and put too much on and let it cool (.....now I know better ) and it lasts a long time and you can put softer waxes over harder ones to help with durability and save some effort.

Also, if in doubt on wax temperatures, going with a colder wax versus a warmer wax is a safer bet.
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Scrape at temp warm enough not to chip. Rotobrush with stifff bristles. To really buff them out, I've been told that you need to put the ski outside so the contracting bases squeeze out more wax and then rotobrush again. Seems to work.
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and sprinkle on ski before ironing.
(though I strongly recommend a screw clamp not vacuum base for grating CH4)
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