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Utah for a long weekend

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My wife and I are going to utah Thursday night Feb 1st and leaving Feb 4th and plan to ski for 2 days.

1) Is it feasable to stay in Salt Lake City to save on hotel cost? If it is, is it worth it to use a ski bus or to rent a car?

2) I have always wanted to ski Snowbird. If I am only skiing 2 days, is this the best bet, or should we split our time at alta or any other places?

3) A little info about our skiing abilities. We both like to be challanged. I don't think I am technically that skilled but make it down and have fun on hard slopes. Some of the harder stuff I've skled are tight chutes at Kirkwood and all over killebrew and mott canyon at heavenly. My wife follows me on lots of trails and loves trees. She doesn't mind seperating or taking a break if I want to ski something that she doesn't feel comfortable. Also, we are going to Jackson hole for a week 3 weeks later and haven't been on snow yet this year (In New Jersey).

Thank you for any thoughts.
Also jaust wanted to say that this website is awsome.
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I am from Jersey as well and will be in SLC for the first time on 2/2 for four nights/four days skiing. I plan on hitting Alta, DV, Snowbasin and Snowbird. I would do a search on "Utah" or "Salt Lake City" and see all the info that comes up. I am staying in Midvale which is at the foot of the Canyon. Sandy is another good town. Search for both of them as well.
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stay in Sandy, ski Alta, Snowbird, I think some hotels from Sandy have shuttles not sure, if not on budget rent a car (that is personal preference I do not like shuttle buses), the bird can be a bit intimidationg for indermediates.
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Anybody have any info on driving from Sandy to Snowbird? Is a 4x4 needed?
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Best to learn to use the search function on this site. This has been answered at least 97 times .

The answer is it depends. If it is snowing, they may require chains or 4WD to get up or down the canyon roads. If there's a significant avalanche issue, they will not allow anything up or down the canyon roads. If you don't want to rent a 4WD, you can always grab a seat on the bus...it's actually easier than parking and having to walk (sea level lungs at 9,000 feet - you want to save every bit of energy for skiing that you can).

I've stayed at Alta (once) and stayed down in the valley many times. Never rented a 4WD. Never been shut out, even on a day when the roads were closed. We got up there on the bus before they were closed and they re-opened at the end of the day. This was the day the avalanche hit one of the lodges at Alta!
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If it's really bad, just head over I-80 to PCMR, Canyons, or Deer Valley.
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