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Haven't been there since early 60's, but may plan a trip there for Jan. 19.
Meeting daughter who lives in Boston, me from Pittsfield seems like a decent tweener.

Is it any good? Know any good, less expensive lodging in the area?
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I was there a week ago (before the big rains). Sunapee a small area (230 skiable acres) with a summit of 2,743 ft (1,500 vertical feet), but a nice little mountain, nonetheless. The trail map lists 65(!?) trails, and 10 lifts, but given the crappy weather, only a fraction were open. Nonetheless, conditions, though spring-like, weren't bad at all. The mountain layout is easy to deal with. And the trails, though not demanding, are fun and of a decent length. Nice base lodge, too.

Don't have any lodging suggestions; I was just there for the day.
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SkiDiva pretty much nailed it. I was there on the January 7th, the day after a 60-something degree day. Coverage was thin, but there weren't rocks poking through everywhere or anything. I'm certain they've been blowing snow like crazy this week now that they've finally had cold weather.

Lodging... There are a couple places right on NH Rt. 103 as you approach the mountain. I just day-tripped it there, so I didn't pay attention to their names though. Sunapee is in Newbury, NH -- I'm sure if you do a Google search on Newbury you'd find what's in the area.
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We have reservation for ski and stay at local B&B Jan. 19; pretty reasonable, too. I'm looking forward to re-aquainting myself with Sunapee. I used to love those old NH ski areas like Sunapee, Gunstock, Cranmore and Wildcat.

I wonder if Cranmore still has that lift that resembled a roller coaster if my memory serves me right.

Any bears gonna be at Sunapee next weekend?
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