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It is 1 F in MN now! Cold enough for my local ski area to make enough snow to completely open (95% open, I imagine they will make enough in the next couple days.) The only thing is, with windchills, it is almost too cold for me, now. Windchills yesterday were like -25, but tomorrow, high temp is about 20, and winds about 5 MPH.

Anyway, the day before new year's eve, it rained an inch here. I had on the hill training for ski patrol the next day. It had just stopped raining when I got to the hill. They were starting grooming, but I bet I could have ice skated on what wasn't groomed. It was pure ice. I've never seen anything like it. And it was rock hard, too. I would try to jab my pole into the ice when I was stopped and waiting, and it would only go into the ice 1/4-1/2" in most places. That was definately different. I should have taken a pic. The hill was a yellowish color. I've only been skiing for a few years, and don't know if things like this happen often in other parts of the country, but I found it odd.