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I started donating this year. I had only done it once before in high school, and it was one of the worst experiences of my life. It took me over 45 minutes to partially fill the bag, and the DAMN NURSE WIGGLED THE NEEDLE IN MY ARM - TWICE!!

I'm back at it again. I'm still a little phobic about it, but it's for a good cause...
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axebiker and Johnnys Zoo Good on you both. Many Thanks..................

Originally Posted by Johnnys Zoo View Post
Those of you you browse the 'other sports' section of this forum, know that I am an avid mountain biker and kayaker. Skiing is my first love but, when you are on "skiings equator" you have to find other activities. Some of you also may know that I'm a Physical Therapist.

I feel that it is my moral and civic obligation to post this thread.

Sunday, I participated in the Big Bear Mountain Bike race. I was doing fairly well when I lost the rear brake of my bike. I was going through a rather nasty rock garden. I endo'd after going off a small drop off, and did a "pile driver" head on a rock.

This helmet probably saved my life!

I wear helmets, I advocate helmets, wear a helmet!

It is really very sad to explain to the Mommy of a skateboarder, or any other dangerous sport, that their child will likely never walk again.

So...protect yourself, protect your family!!!

My collection of ski, bike and kayak helmets. A partial shot of The Zoo. They wouldn't all cooperate.

Oh! and to T-Square. I'm giving blood (voluntarily) on Friday.
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I'm A+ and donate a double unit of red cells every 4 months.

Have donated for years and started donating double reds last year.
Takes a bit longer to donate (45 mins) but you don't have to come back for 4 months.
Also, you don't have to sit around afterwards because they give you plasma to replace your lost volume.
No side effects at all donating doubles, though I've never had a problem with single pint donations.

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7th unit since I started the thread. Had to take some time off. I was in the hospital for surgery and some other messes. So, with that and time to heal......

So, I'm still at it. How about the rest of you guys and gals out there? Lets get with it. The Red Cross is always looking for people to put their arms on the line.
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another excuse

I have the most common blood type-O+.
A good thing to be "common" about.
I have donated, but since am exposed to bodily fluids on a regular basis (profession), some agencies aren't interested.
And in reading thru this, it seems that having had a melanoma " in situ" may disqualify me also.
This is inspiring T Square. I will try to donate again.
Though, I will say that both of my kids are O neg. From their Dad.
They both have given and are hot commodities, being universal donors.
Had to tell the blood centers to 'cool it' as my daughter is away in college. Though I am proud she donated in high school.
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Unit 8 since I started this.


Come on gals and guys, what have you been doing?????

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They don't seem to want mine, something about that little run in I had with Melanoma seven years ago...

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Gonna go give...Thanks for reminding me T

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7 gal club and doing it as often as I can........... O+ so my blood is universal and highly desirable. Had a friend here at work.....his father was in a motorcycle accident and needed 17 pts of blood to survive. Knowing that it may have been my blood that helped save this man's life is what makes me feel good. But here's the kicker.......My bud here at work...strapping healthy young man.....and he refuses to give blood.  If it wasnt for people like us that regularly give.....his father would be dead. So naturally it irks me to no end that he doesnt recipocate in kind and help someone else that needs it. So I've coined a new name for him that is used every chance I can. "Sissyman". I hate to have to use it but its part of my venting therapy.

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Thank you all.  Keep up the good work.

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I offered, but "they" refused. And "they" know me, 'cause they test my blood at least once per month.

Apparently, even my blood isn't good enough.


P.S. I would have done it for the same reason you do, 4 years ago I received at least 4 units (some during surgery and two afterwards, I'm not sure how many but it's written somewhere in my surgery report)....

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I've given every time I've qualified for the last 16 years or so.  Where I live now they have a nice operation that has a computer call you and tell you when and how your blood was used.  Having the rare AB- type they're always glad to see me.


Some of the hospitals require that after you've recovered that you come back to replace the blood that you had to use.  Good policy imho.


Get your friends to go with you.  I've taken several people for thier first trip to donate and they're all now regular donators. with the sole exception of my x-wife that has a tendancy to faint every time anyone draws blood.  LOL

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Unit 9 today.  Come on boys and girls.  Skiings over so you have some free time.  Get out there and do it.

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There are so many benefits to giving blood.  Ya Ya, you save lives and stuff every 6 weeks, but just as important; you loose 1 lb every time and you get a cookie and juice.  There must be properly placed priorities.


Give people.  The life you save might be your own or one of your own.

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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post

There are so many benefits to giving blood.  Ya Ya, you save lives and stuff every 6 weeks, but just as important; you loose 1 lb every time and you get a cookie and juice.  There must be properly placed priorities.


Give people.  The life you save might be your own or one of your own.


You get a cookie and juice. :). Not gonna lie, this is was the reason I went the first time in high school. Been donating every 2 months now for about 7 years. Being O negative, they like me (or my blood).


I hope everyone considers getting out there and donating. It doesn't take much from you, but it could save a life.

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I have donated twice, last time was about a year ago, need to do it again, although I only like to doante at the hospital were I work.  Only problem is I owrk nights and want to leave at 730am and blood bank is not open.  I am scheduled to be there during the daytime later this month so I will give it a go.


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Originally Posted by Tendofreak View Post

7 gal club and doing it as often as I can........... O+ so my blood is universal and highly desirable.

A brief bit on blood types.


O+ is the most common blood type. O neg is the universal donor.

Negative type bloods (A-, B-, O-, AB-) are lacking a marker ( the positive part) which can trigger the "search and kill the intruder" immune reaction.

O negative can be used in emergent situations when blood type is unknown and time needed to cross match just doesn't exist.


My son gets 3 hrs comp time for donating at his job!

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Just foound this thread.


Well, i think i've done my part as i will make a 10 gallon donor next jan. i should have made it this year, but usually in houston, you get a free coffee mug with the gallon number on it wihen you hit a new level, but apparently that was stopped between 8 and 9, so i slacked off my every 2 months as a personal revolt.


and a couple of segues, besides cookies and milk; donating is a cheap beer buzz, although i dont do this anymore; its how i started donating in college. i cannot tell you how happy the nurse was to hear that we were donating for BDA(beer drinkers of america).


also, your next meal is supposed to be big, so its chili-cheeseburger or pizza time !


a good story i have of donating with a friend who drives pretty fast. we're coming back afterwards and he runs the light, so i say, "Hal, please do not do that again. We're already a pint low, we don't need really need to be taking chances."


oh, and i'm an o neg; so all you guys can use my blood. i want christmas cards every year from all of you(just kidding).

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Unit 10 since I started this thread and that's after having major surgery in May.  Only 14 more units to go and I've made up what I used back in 2005.
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Unit 11.

Now where is everyone else? 

Bueller, Bueller?

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Last week Unit 12.  Anyone else out there?????
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Gave on the 5th of December. I give every other month or so and I must be close to the 5 gallon (40 units) point. As corny as it sounds you really do help save a life with every donation. It's really cool that you can schedule an appointment to do so!

Why not give the ultimate gift for the holidays? Donate a little red!
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Last week Unit 13 since I started this quest.  I'm going to start

Come on guys and gals; lets get it together out there.
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16th Unit since I started this thread.  Anyone else donating?

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17 Units to date.

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19 total units given since I started this thread.

Anyone else coming to the party? biggrin.gif
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You go T-Square!


Threw away the 3 gallon certificate in December.  This is a way we can all help others, loose 1 pound, and get a cookie and juice.


An interesting side note.  Here at least, very few of the people involved in blood donations, donate blood themselves.  Seems very odd.

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20 Units as of today. Four more to go to make up for my "withdrawal." wink.gif

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21 Units today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Keep smiling guys.  biggrin.gif

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Haven't really tracked the amount, but try to give 4 times every year.   Last time was 9/30/11.  Generally donate with the Armed Services Blood Program  - http://www.militaryblood.dod.mil/

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