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Originally posted by nolo:
(Todd is a fine name in all respects except its meaning in German.)
thankfully, the German word for "death" has only one "d"
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Todd, I don't know where it came from, but somehow I have the notion that you are a ski school director again? If so, where?

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My young son is named William Gray Grandy. William, for my wifes father. Known by us as Gray.
Offended when every institution identifies him as William.

His confidence and self identity surpass any name.

But, everyone "hears" Greg when his name is first used.

Stick with the familiar names like Mark or Alan, It saves a lot of second tries at introductions.

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There's a ski hill near Kamloops BC that used to be called Todd Mountain. The BC interior is a popular place for German tourists to rent RV's and tour around. When Todd noticed they were losing out to competitors on this market, a little research showed that todd does indeed mean death in German. Shortly after they changed the name to Sun Peaks.
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Names are tricky. Phillip-Morris is going to call itself Altria. It still means tod to me.
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If I remember correctly though, Tod Mountain was spelled with one "d". Al Raine (fmr. ACA Head Coach and Whistler visionary) and Nancy Greene-Raine (if you don't know, you should) are truly the steerers of Sun Peaks, and basicaly told me the same. The germans really did have an issue with the name. In the meanwhile, SP is definitely on the upswing....except they too suffer the First Nations issues that plague BC ski country.
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How about calling him Harald?

Or, after one of your long, lost relatives
Roderick Impey

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(The following is intended to be funny, if you are easily offended don't read it)

Todd says
William is certainly not an improvement over "Todd", nor is the varient "Bill" really
CalG says
Offended when every institution identifies him as William.
Jeez, I come home from a hard day at work, check into my favorite ski site and find this. Now we're picking on WILLIAMS. That's it, that's the last straw. : NOW I'M PISSED!
OK, I'm not pissed I just wanted to get that out.
Here are some famous, not so famous and infamous Williams

William Faulkner William Randolph Hearst William F. Buckley Jr William Shakespeare. William James William Shatner William Penn William Howard Taft William McKinley William S. Burroughs William Gibson Prince William Sir William Rowan Hamilton William Claxton William Tecumseh Sherman William Wordsworth William Hubbs Rehnquist William H. Seward William the Conqueror The William Thornton J. William Fulbright William Friedkin William Jennings Bryan WILLIAM BLAKE

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EpicSki is awesome and I'm glad Todd is back.
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Bill(Willhelm)A, you forgot William Tell, the famous archer

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Heh! Funny thread! I have to say that my name never seemed like a big deal to me, either the William or Todd variant. Maybe if I'd been named "Bubba" or something I could say it had a more profound formative impact on me - but these days "Todd" seems a little, I don't know -- 50's? Kind of like I should be wearing a sweater around my shoulders and trying to act like the big man on campus? [img]smile.gif[/img] Seen too many bad movies I guess. William is actually a fine name, just was never called by it. One our our part time instructors ("real" job is Psychologist) real name is William Shakespere! Really great guy, but I imagine his name has been a mixed blessing in his life!

Nope Ott - not a Director anymore, and don't ever aspire to such again. It was a good experience for me educationally, I realized that I'm not really an administrator or politician. I love to ski, and I love training instructors. They have been great to me out East, I told them that I didn't aspire to "climb the ladder" again, I love training instructors -- but didn't want to be involved in being the "boss" on a mountain again. So I've got an office up there, flexible hours, the instructors are great, and I certainly make less $ than when I directed -- but its much more relaxing (though I do miss the west and may have to venture out again for a few seasons again at some point).
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Training instructors is where its at, in ANY teaching field. You get the admiration without the animousity. Its also fun to watch someone's career blossom; a kind of parenting, I guess.
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Hey Todd welcome back! It wouldn't be a ski season without you here for it!

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Hey, thanks Mark -- been over at Beliefnet arguing with theists for a couple of months, its nearly as heated there as discussions about stance width are here! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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GEEZ!! Just read an article on that site on "fitness gluttany". Wonder if we're all ski gluttans?
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Other famous Williams...
Well, there have been 4 King Williams in England, and if Liz steps down and Charlie steps aside, there will be a fifth.

On a more interesting note...
The meaning/origin of Todd

Who says I've got nothing in common with one of the top names in skiing?

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Fox, cool - I forgot it meant that.

"Top names?" Heh! Well, maybe a legend in my own mind . . . thats about the extent of it though!
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Originally posted by Wear the fox hat ?:
Other famous Williams...
Well, there have been 4 King Williams in England, and if Liz steps down and Charlie steps aside, there will be a fifth.
I hope so, Fox, since the previous Charles have had not that much success as Kings of England, and
a shorter life than most...
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