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EpicSki is Awesome

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Hey, been away awhile. I have stayed very active in the web-forum posting world, but not related to skiing. Mostly have been arguing with people about beLIEfs (religion).

Anyways, coming back now - one thing is very clear. Compared to forums about anything: physics, religion, security, politics . . . EpicSki is actually one of the most coherently and clearly formatted and administered topical discussion forums out there is cyberspace!

Kudo's to AC and Dchan!
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Welcome back Todd--you've been missed!
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its awsome because of you guys! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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What Todd said, and double kudos to AC and dchan. Another wonderful aspect of this site is the group of people - and I mean the GROUP of people - who post here. It's diverse, varied, and somehow we manage to come to terms and stay. And just when you think you've come to know a guy like Ott Gangl, he knocks your socks off with one WILD AND CRAZY POST!
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Wow! Usually one has to pay extra for Swedish porn! Cool!

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Welcome back.
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Hey KeeTov, did I notice an "eh" in your post?! Your signature says you're from New York!

You get two minutes for impersonating a Canuck, my friend. You may serve your sentence in the Longhorn at Whistler whilst you buy me a beer... eh?
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Guilty as charged!

I enjoyed the CSCF Level 1 course so much, I thought I would practice the accent for awhile.

Next summer I'm in Australia, so I'm alternating between ... eh?.... and g'day mate.

I might have to buy a lot of folks beer!
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Welcome back at Todd. I think that others will agrre that your insight has been missed this summer.
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Nifty, innit? Somehow there's a total absence of w@nkrs and silly bvggers, and tons of excellent info. To get stuff like this, you usually have to go buy a book, and it often won't answer all your questions. it's definitely the pre-eminent ski discussion site on the net.
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Hey, Ant, you may be on to something! Do you think we could publish a joint effort book? We definitely have the ski pros. Also, there is Gmolfoot for bootfit and gear info, do we have any telemark teachers? I think there's also some fitness chic somewhere.

The Barking Bears Complete Guide to Skiing

Whatd'ya think???
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That . . . is not at all a bad idea!
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Hey we could follow it up with a cookbook and and a gang member calendar.....oh my god...an Andy Hardy moment!
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thanks for coming back into the fold, Todd. Hope your summer's going well.
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Hey Todd have you ever heard of George carlins bit called "guys named todd"?

It's quite commical.

Not that I knew you before, but welcome back.
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Hey - thanks guys. Don't know that Carlin bit, that reminds me of a great Kids In The Hall bit called "Daves I Know" -- its a great music skit.
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Okay, seriously, now [img]smile.gif[/img] , what would be the logistics involved in pulling something like that off.

I am an infinitely better "idea" person than I am a "carry out" person, so I can only add suggestions to content.

First, it may be a good idea to look for certain common themes that exist throughout the different forums. An example would be a thread in technique about someone being in the backseat, and another gear that relates to it.

I often post fitness threads based on stuff that comes up in technique. The AGILITY thread was inspired by the SHORT TURNS thread.

Any other thoughts?
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A Resort Review section, with, other than a review and lift info, links, runs info, and all, an historical and cultural background info too, maybe?

[ August 08, 2002, 01:23 PM: Message edited by: M@tteo ]
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Matteo, we are on the same wavelenghts! It could be sort of a "real reviews from real people" sort of thing. You can also do reviews from different participants based on skill level.

Ott and Bob Peters can do some historical info.
Maybe I should start a different thread on this so I don't become guilty of thread hijacking! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Who the fooks Todd ???
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Originally posted by man from oz:
Who the fooks Todd ???
Just a fooking typical skiing wanker, no worries! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Guys named Bruce, Dylan, and Todd will NOT like the Carlin routine. Guys named Al, Lefty, and Gus will like it fine.

Welcome back, GG. Congrats on penning a new tome.
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Nice to see you back, Todd. ....Ott
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Thanks Ott - good to 'see' you!

Nolo, my real first name is William - but my parents called me by my middle name my whole life. William is certainly not an improvement over "Todd", nor is the varient "Bill" really. I like Carlin, I'll have to look for that - could care less about my name!

One very handy thing though, is that since my legal name is different than the name every family, friend, business associate and etc use . . . if somebody calls my home or office asking for "William" I know they are not anybody I want to talk to! Works very well.
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When someone calls our house wanting to talk to the one who makes decisions, I say, "Not here!"

(Todd is a fine name in all respects except its meaning in German.)
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William Todd Murchison. Hmmm, sounds more like a professor of English Literature. Doesn't quite suit you.
Billy Todd, sounds like a freestyle skier! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Your name could be anything, almost, and it wouldn't help to define you in my eyes, Todd. What does a lot to define you is your expertise in skiing and the philosophical thoughts you've shared with me.
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Thanks guys/gals!

Names are actually a huge issue for us right now because we are expecting a baby boy in December! Girl names seem easier. We named our Daughter Mayah Anne. But with guys, I would like a name that is more interesting than mine . . . but I also don't want the little guy getting taunted and beaten up at school because of his name!

So I'm searching for interesting, cool-sounding guy names . . . that won't make the kid a target though!
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Well if you come up with a few choices, you can always use our newly added Poll Feature! [img]smile.gif[/img]

This is a wicked hot summer for any woman to be in her last few months of pregnancy! Yikes!

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