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Need advice regarding ski length

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I'm new to this board, so I apologize if this topic has been worked to death.

I ski 5 to 9 days a year - usually Breckenridge or Vail. I'd love to ski more, but can't make it happen since I live in the flatlands. Been skiing for 25 years at that rate. Although my technique is nothing to write home about, I'm a fairly aggressive skier. Prefer to ski blacks - steeps and moguls - and I'm capable of handling just about any slope (although it's not always a thing of beauty). To me, skiing is all about the challenge of pushing myself to the next level and improving my technique. I'm 5'11", 165 lbs., 43 years old and reasonably decent shape.

I've rented demo skis for years. But last year I rented a pair of K2 Escape 4500s (167cm). I loved them so much I decided to look for a pair on eBay. I eventually found and bought a pair of 4500s at a steal price. The only difference is that this pair is 174cm. I figured 6cm can't make that much difference.

I'm now starting to wring my hands about whether, ideally, I'd be better served with a shorter pair at 167. I've seen the standard sizing charts which can be found online. If I'm reading them right, they do seem to suggest that 160-something is generally the recommended length for someone of my height and weight. I don't know what to think.

I guess the main thing I'm looking for is short turn capability. I don't care about racing prowess and I don't ski deep powder all that often. Spend most of my time in moguls or steep slopes. My usual focus is improving my prowess and control within moguls.

Can some of you help me out? With the foregoing in mind, what is the ideal length? Are the 4500s at 174cm stretching it a bit? Would I be better off with 167s?
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tough question. Conventinal wisdom these days for an all-mtn ski is to size them up to about eye level. But this can very 5-10cm either way depending on ability, personal preference and the type of ski.

You are definitely not too tall for 174cm. I'm 5'10". I have two sets of "carving skis" which are 170 & 176 respectively. But in the end you need to go with what feels right for you
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I am 5'9", and ski on 162 Dynastar Drivers. My new skis are Volkl P50 155's.
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174 isn't too long for you.
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I'm 5'10" 170# and 44 years old (was 180# 2 years ago...). Generally I ski black diamonds, with a double black every once in a while. Usually I ski my Head iM 88's, which are 175cm. My back up mid-fat is an Elan 662 at 176cm. Once or twice a season I'll cruise some groomers on my K2 Patriot GT6's which are 188cm (no typo).

I think the 174cm length is a good choice for Sooner Dragon.
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Thanks, guys. I really appreciate the input.
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