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New RX8 Tune

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These are brand new out of the box RX8. Just wondering if someone with a knowledge of this could volunteer an advice.
Ok, called Fischer USA asked about tuning specs edge bevels etc. The answer I got was ski them straight out of the box.
1. Even though bindings install looks easy, I will have a shop install it, set
din and test release. I wanted to take them to Racersedge in Breck as
they tuned my skis before ( i like their work), however they are not a
Fischer/Head/Tyrolia authorized shop. Don't know if I should look for a
shop that is and have them do it. Breck has a few.
2. Edge bevel settings are 1/3. I have no intention of sharpening them or
changing anything initialy. Is that ok or should I have them sharpened
and left at 1/3.
3. Here is what I intend to do with a base. I have no tools to check if it is
flat, I will assume it is. CH 8 hot scrape at 120C a couple of times,
followed with Base Prep 3-4 times with allowing 30 min cooling in
between. After that the wax of choice for the first day on snow.

If anybody needs to correct me on this, please feel free. I will post this in tuning section as well. I hope I am not braking any forum rules by posting here a portion of this post as I posted a question in the gear forum as well.
Thanks for all replies in advance
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Everything sounds good. If I was your tech I would want you to remember what you have just told all of us. After skiing it you will know what you like and don't like. Remember those things so your tech can correct them.
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It sounds like a reasonable approach to me, as well. Since wax continues to be absorbed hours after it is applied you may want to leave the last coat on overnight and scrape the next morning.

I'm sure that the RacersEdge can mount the bindings. Because the bindings are Rail Flex, the shop won't need a Tyrolia/Fischer jig. The advantage of having a certified shop do it is for Warranty purposes.

The truly anal, like me, would check the base and edge bevels before taking the skis out. However, Fischer does have very good quality control. As rtopforever says, you can make notes and deal with any issues later.

Anyway, your plan is far better than the prep many new skis receive. Enjoy your new Fischer RX-8's and have a great time.
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...Also, if you are going to prep your skis before your trip you may want to leave the last wax coat unscraped until you arrive and are ready to ski. Hope that the weather returns to winter normal in Missouri soon.
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Thanks to all of you. I will do it as described. Yes, winter is back at least for a bit. We did a day in Weston/Snow Creek and it was a lot of fun. I did not take my RX8 out on artificial snow. I skied on my 04 Crossmax 10s. Can't wait to get to Breck and take my Fischers out. The trip is on 3rd of Feb.
Thanks guys for good advice.
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