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North Tahoe Conditions?

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I'm trying to decide whether to drive up the mountain this weekend and need a report on conditions at Squaw, Alpine and/or Northstar. Snow was thin when I was up two weeks ago. I know it's colder, but is it better now?
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It was getting grim last weekend at Alpine, and there hasn't been more than an inch or two since.

Add in the holiday crowds, and I'm staying home this weekend.
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I realize it is a bit south but Kirkwood got a couple inches last night. I would like to hear how the conditions are this weekend. I'll be staying at sea level this weekend, probably mountain biking.

Ski report?
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Northstar Report

Skiied Northstar Wednesday 1/10 and it was pretty sketchy. Coverage was thin with rocks coming through here and there. What snow there was was pretty firm, which I didn't mind too much as it was interesting to see how my new AC3's did in those conditions (great btw). Friends from the east coast were happy just to see snow, but my Wife was disappointed. FWIW, we won't be going back up until we get another good dump. rickp
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