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Whistler Blackcomb for a day.

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So this coming Monday, I will be at W/B. As it is quite a large place I don't think there is anyway of me doing the whole thing. So I was wondering where i should go? Is it feasible to hit both Whistler and Blackcomb in the same day? Are there any "must do" runs? Where are the crowded/flat/otherwise obnoxious bits? I am a advanced snowboarder and enjoy bumps runs, bowls, some trees, with the occasional park/pipe run thrown in for good measure. Thanks.
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Don't try to hit both mountains in one day. You'll just waste time and get totally lost. Park/pipe you can get anywhere. Forget it for your one day. Pick one mountain (I like Blackcomb) and study it well before you get there.

There are others here who are more familiar with the place than I, but I recommend spending your time in the Alpine if at all possible. All you have to do is look around and you'll find more than you can do in one day. No need for secret special places because everything will be special.

Avoid the bottom of the hill until your last run. It's pretty pedestrian and the snow is often not very good.
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one day?

You could do worse than do figure 8s around Peak/Harmony/t-bar on Whistler, or Glacier (skiers right)/7th Heaven on Blackcomb. Pick one; read the map. Don't waste time on the runout when the goods are up high. Ask around about conditions when you get to town.
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7th Heaven on Blackcomb
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Thanks for the suggestions.
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How was it?

Which one did you choose? Where did you go?
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Skier or Boarder....

If you are a boarder (I am not) I am certain you will prefer Blackcomb, Whistler has a variety of flats and traverses which many boarders hate (the cynic in me could say that is reason alone to go to Whistler...if you're a skier).

Most of my guests that I show around generally prefer Blackcomb on first or second visit, it is easy to navigate and layed out in a logical manner.

Whistler has some great off piste skiing, as well as on piste skiing, most long time skiers that I know prefer Whistler, as I do.

Was that clear as mud?

Have fun!
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Hopefully you were able to extend you stay and rip up the 6 inches of cold smoke this morning (Tuesday)!
It was one of the best mornings I've had in my secret stashes. The key was to figure out which runs had been groomed yesterday evening, with the 6" of pow on top.
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