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Waiststeering Camp at Snoqualmie!

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I have just learned from michaelA that there will be a waiststeering camp/clinic coming up at Snoqualmie featuring our own Rick/Fastman and others. Check out the web pages below for more information. Whether you are an aspiring racer, an established force, or an instructor/coach, it's worth checking out!

The Summit at Snoqualmie

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Hey All…

Please pardon the late notice about this event but we’re playing catch-up around here due to the many Fall and Winter storms in the PNW.

The story here is not so much an advertisement for Waist Steering as it is an open invitation to the many participants here on EpicSki who’ve provided so many great ideas as well as intriguing investigations and discussion of new concepts. This WS Camp in the PNW is a direct result of such discussions.

How'd it come about? Well, due to my own interest in the technique now dubbed ‘Waist Steering’ I set out to quietly drag Rick up here to the PNW. I failed to put anything together for ‘Fall Seminar’ - and failed again several other times from other angles. Undeterred, I kept pestering people until finding a willing host at The Summit.

I then pestered Rick and Gary about coming all the way up here. Fortunately I’m quite good at nagging and got them on board for the visit. All that remained was to continue pestering everyone until the building momentum prevailed. So, that’s how it’s done people: Poke, Prod & Pester to mix your own WS Camp!

Only in the last few days (due to incessant storms & power outages) have we gotten this thing nailed down sufficiently for release to the public - so again, sorry for the late notice.

We hope at least a few Racer-Bears in the PNW make it to our party. I also hope to entice at least a few Bears from our local Ski Instructor community. It’s my belief that applied judiciously, many elements of the WS technique greatly improve a skier’s performance in recreational skiing - especially in tough conditions. My own crude implementation already works great for me - and no doubt MSR has many refinements I’ve yet to even consider.

Be aware that both the Dryland presentation and the On-Snow camp are (of course) dependant on sufficient participation by the public! It helps greatly if said participants sign up early since we’d like sufficient time to see the trend and pull in added coaches if needed. Should a lot of people wait to sign up, it will be too late for us to schedule more coaches and we’ll only be able to support participants with early registrations.

Critical Details:

First; We’re on for February 2, 3 & 4 - which is only 20 days away so jump on it if you want one of the rather limited spots. (Just so you know - email notices have already gone out to our local Masters Racers and other local organizations)

Second; This event is scheduled for Snoqualmie Pass, WA at the Summit West Ski Area. Alpental was considered but didn’t have sufficiently wide-open terrain for clear (and distant) visibility as well as sailing along at higher speeds. But hey, it’s also the most convenient ski area to get to.

Third; I realized many people might like to learn more about the Waist Steering thing (as well as meeting Rick) but might not have time for two full days on snow. For this reason we’ve pulled together a separate Dryland gathering on Friday evening, Feb 2nd so that Rick might present an Introduction to WS as well as a discussion of ILE, OLR and the principles of Balance.

[Note: We modified this Friday event - the actual presentation is now set from 6:00pm - 9:00pm (3-hours) and provides more time for subsequent discussions and Q&A. Its price was also cut to $35, but these changes have not caught up to all documents in circulation yet!]

Fourth; Do check out the actual Agenda posted at the MSR web site! You’ll see we’ve put together a couple of full days of Race Training with part of each day planned for open terrain to learn the technique (in a more forgiving environment) and part in the Gates to test and refine the training. Each day starts with an indoor session to clearly describe Camp content for that day, and ends with Video Analysis and discussion.

So - whadaya think PNW Bears, pretty cool huh? Right here in our own backyard - and at the closest ski area to Seattle. Not much more I can do but start Pestering You now!

Any thoughts? Comments? Gripes? Unfulfilled desires?

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Yep,,, MichaelA did all the leg work, and is bringing the Modern Ski Racing team to Washington state. I will be there, along with other MSR coaches as required by group size.

Friday night I'll be making a 3 hour indoor presentation on Waist Steering, what it is, its various applications (there are many), principles of balance, how it's achieved, how it's managed, how it's manipulated to power transitions, types of transitions, how they're executed, specific value and shortcomings of each, and cumulating with a question/answer session. It will be an info packed presentation, so bring plenty of paper and lead.

Saturday will be on snow, the focus being basic Waist Steering. Participants will learn how to isolate and use their core muscles to generate power, then harness and direct that power down to the skis to produce clean arc to arc turns. The afternoon will consist of placing those turns in gates. Video and analysis.

On Sunday we'll apply those core skills developed on Saturday to higher level skiing applications. Topics will include the development of bigger edge angles and higher G turns, the use of counter, and how to use Waist Steering to power the outside ski through high edge arcs. Also, how to use Waist Steering to execute pivot entry turns (PET).

Should be a fun and enlightening 3 day weekend
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I have been informed that this event has been canceled at least for the near-term. If it's re-scheduled, we'll let you know...
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Yup… Sorry folks, my bad.

I got all my ducks nicely in a row for this - but didn’t get word out far enough in advance to make it happen on the tighter dates it got changed it too.

We’d originally planned for March 31 & April 1, but late in the planning cycle we pulled in the schedule - to keep it well within the Racing season. Maybe not a good plan as it became difficult to notify a broad enough audience in time to find people with still-open schedules that close in.

Thanks to The Summit for offering to Host the public event… and to the MSR people for indulging me in this attempt to bring them out here! I’ll see what I can do about a similar public event for next season - but will plan the whole thing out in August!

Still - for any Pacific NorthWest’ers interested in a second attempt to lure the MSR people into our lair this season - feel free to contact me (or the MSR people directly) on your interest. I’m currently poking and prodding to try and schedule a private MSR clinic in the PNW - but am happy to extend an invite to any EpicSki participants who’d like to attend if it comes about. And if it gels, I’ll go for more of an ‘All-Mountain Skiing’ scope rather than just as applied in Racing applications. If you choose to contact me (or them) about it be sure to let us know what focus you’d prefer.

No guarantees… but I’d sure like to make it happen this season rather than wait yet another year. After all... Thar be Snow Here this year!
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