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picture loading problems?

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I have noticed a strange problem with how the site loads pictures using Safari (Mac OSX, 10.4). If I enter the site without logging in (lurker mode) any threads that contain pictures load with the pictures displayed. However if I log in, the same thread displays only the links to the pictures, which I have to click on to display. The identical thing happens in Firefox, so I do not think it is a browser specific problem. Anyone else having this issue and why is it?
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In your user CP (control panel) is an option that must be checked to see images. Go to User CP and click on Edit Options. The third screen down is "Thread Display Options". Make sure a check mark appears next to all three:
Show Signatures
Show Avatars
Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code)

You see the pictures when you are not logged in because you are seeing the default view. For some reason, the Show Images option has been deselected. When you are logged in, the view doesn't show pictures because that is the option selected regardless of browser.

Let us know if that helps.
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Thanks, Cirque- that did it!
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