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New boot numbness

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Is it normal to have gotten boots that fit right (according to the bootfitter) and have some numbness in the feet when they are right out of the box? Otherwise they feel like they fit really well...
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Yes, they should pack out. No hot spots= sweetness.
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In my limited experience, good fitting boots are a bit of a paradox, at first, because they don't fit right until the liners pack out to accommodate the nooks and crannies of your foot. I got some Tecnica Diablos a few years ago (without the hotform liners) and it took a few days wearing them around the house and half a dozen painful days skiing in the things to finally pack them out.
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The answer is usually yes to localized "numbness" on initial fit. If the numbness is located over the whole foot then I would be more concerend. The boot you have is a model that should be fit by a recommended bootfitter coupled with a supportive footbed. I would make a note of where the red marks are on your foot after removing the boot. (possibly take a picture) Ski a few days and see if the "numbness" and red marks start to subside. If not, see the bootfitter again.
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The posts above are good advice. Also, be aware the tightness is across the ball of the foot may be a sign of Mortons neuroma. Link here:

Also if tightness is high on the instep and pinching off blood flow to toes which sometimes can be mistaken as numbness.
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