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Hot box

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Has anyone ever built a hot box? If so, where can I get the plans.
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See this thread, post 21 in particular.
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Thanks T.S.
Some good info from that old thread. It seems there is some debate on temps and timing of the skis once they're in the box.
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Originally Posted by chuckc View Post
Has anyone ever built a hot box? If so, where can I get the plans.

never built one, but my car became one.........
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Looks pretty easy and cheap to make. Buy/find a sheet of plywood or enough scrap, line it with fiberglass insulation that could be found, and i bet if you really tried, you could make it for free, if you were a good scrounger. That gets me thinking, how accurate is a thermal disc style water heater thermostat? I bet one could be placed inside it. I think they go down to like 120, too. I played with a couple a while back in searching for temperature regulation for a homemade waste oil burner ofr heating (have to preheat the oil to make it thin enough to burn).
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I keep thinking that a better homemade approach to a hot box would be to use lighter materials with high R-values like this:

If you build some sort of collapsable rack and frame (think tents) and use foil faced insulations you could easily achieve the same thermal characteristics as a rigid foam or batt insulated heavy, immovable plywood ski coffin. It could be more portable and easier to store in the off season. You could even bring it on trips.

What about old down or synthetic sleeping bags??

You're trying to build a enclosed thermal volume (oven) where skis can hangout for a while......not a house.

Another option is consider forgoing the plywood and just use the rigid insulation attached to a frame. Polyisocyante is a higher R-value insulator than the polystyrene per inch.
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Yeah it doesnt have to be rigid like mine is at all. I made my sturdy because I attached it to the wall and dont plan on carrying it around. The top doubles as a shelf. But one could easily be made to almost duplicate the ones commercially available and it would even be less costly than the one I made.
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I don't know who makes them, but the hot boxes a lot of XC coaches for a race weekend are actually silver bags with a heating element and thermometer. Swix? When they're done, they collapes right into a small bag. Pretty sweet.

It made me wonder about building one from a space blanket.
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The picture above is Maplus' version of what you described which influenced my thinking and comment. I know Toko makes one and would think others do.....or like many vises, files, stones, stands, tools, etc they may be all made by an outfit and then colored and branded by each company.

I found and lost a link for rolled insulation with 'space blanket' like characteristics with a decent R-value that would work great. Protecting the 'tent or bag' material from melting or burning from the heat source is certainly an issue.

Just using some kind of backbacking tent or bivy sack and insulating it may be worth messing a round with and far cheaper than the commercially available thermal bags I'm aware of.
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