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Chestnut Mtn 1/11/07

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Just got back from some rather fun skiing. Its been very warm and the temps finally dropped to the point they could make snow - unfortunately they decided to blow on the closed black runs to reopen them sooner.

We are expecting rain, then another major ice storm so I wanted to get some time in before I had to wait a month. I head off to my fav green run (the longest one there) and as soon as I drop over the ridge the fun begins. I got first tracks.. (well 2nd.. one other went before me) and it was obvious they had not groomed it that day(night). It had rained earlier and the whole run was a solid sheet of shiny ice. I really had to jam my edges down to even break through and not end up sideslipping (or buttslipping in my case) the whole way down.
Everything was slow, but ok until I hit a crud field that had gotten wet and frozen in rather large chunks. I made it about halfway through and that was my first crash of the day. Got out of it and got about a quarter mile farther down and almost got nailed by an out of control kid from the special Olympics (did I mention they were training there today?)

Stopped for a minute to wait for a few more to pass at high rates of speed, then headed towards a transition to the new black run - nice transition (nice place to stop and rest). Well, I was trying to turn away from that and another sheet of ice had me sliding sideways right towards it. I had my edges dug in about as much as I could and of course thats when I broke through, dug in and took my only other fall today.
17 total runs, including through a massive invasion of school kids who came out for 'thrasher thursday'.

I've now learned to avoid thurdays if you don't want little kids running into you

This is the most runs I've done in one day for ages, and I really didn't get to practice what I wanted as much as I wanted. Sunday is a major snowstorm here, so I may finally get to invade some of the local farms for some off-piste cow turd skiing!
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Chestnut mountain

Went down to Chestnut yesterday, Sunday. Was there when they opened, no crowd at all, it started to pickup around noon. Conditions weren't too bad. We had drizzle Sat. night for a while, so they didn't do much grooming, they had made snow. You had to look out for packed then onto fresh snow. It was my first time down there since Dec. 10. Just couldn't force myself to go spring skiing in December. We got a couple inches of new snow last night. Will be cold all week so they will be able to make as much as they want. Conditions should only improve from here.
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