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New storm's here in Zion..

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Looks like a decent storm. I've got mixed feelings about it- mostly because between volunteer obligations and work I'll miss the main pow day. I'm due in Ogden at 8:30 in the a.m. and will be driving by Snowbasin... Also. I'm still reeling from those pics of Killington. Hard to feast when others are starving... you never know whos next... Anyway, we got something to work with here, I want a full report...
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I'll be out there in 4 weeks and I'm sure you'll have plenty of storms by then. BTW, it was snowing like crazy here in NJ yeserday for about 15 minutes. Nothing since and it will be 55F this weekend.
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Just got done walking the puppy. We woke up this AM to 2" of the lightest snow of the season. I live on the South end of the SLC valley...

Headed up the canyon in a bit....

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