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In the General Ski Discussion Forum nolo asked if you have artifacts. I posted the following descriptions. Does anybody have any info to offer?

Back to topic, in the last few years I came to own some family heirlooms. I have a pair wooden skis that belonged to my aunt from
Germany, no metal edges, tips has a tab with a hole in it. I think the skis were mass produced, not hand carved. They have a metal triangle medallion tacked on the top that says Ski Viesser Lahrlb. Stamped or branded on the bottom on the curve of the tip reads JL Wiedl Schwaderbach. The last few words aren't clear and read either ASORBERS ERZQ or ASONBERG ERZG. The bindings are Geze cable bindings with a non-releasable metal toe piece with leather tie downs. I have double lace (inner and outer) leather boots. Inside the boot stamped in the heel pad reads Wohlauf. I also have a second set of leather boots that belonged to my uncle. I have 2 sets of bamboo poles, leather grips and metal, leather baskets. I thought I had my uncle's skis somewhere around here. The skis come from the very northern most of Bavaria near Frankfurt. My mother talks of skiing at Kreuzberg both before and after WW2, there were no lifts. That should place the skis geographically. If any equipment historians know anything about them please post info here. If there’s any interest I can post photos.

I also own a pair of wood Northumberland skis with cable bindings and screwed in steel edges. They are hanging on the wall in the bar of the new lodge built when
LaurelMountain reopened 6 years ago. They’re light blue with red and white striping, I think. I remember reading that Northumberland’s were significant in some way. Info anybody?