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Hello everyone.
I live in San Diego. While I drive 2.5 hours one way per weekend with two kids (another to start soon) to ski each winter, I still get the stomach jitters (excitement) each time I see us getting close to the ski hill...I have been skiing since I was 5, and learned to ski in Northern New Mexico. My recent job brought me to SoCal.

However, one of my new goals is to get closer to a ski environment. I would love to get closer to Snow Summit/Big Bear in SoCal, or to move to Tahoe area, Utah, or Colorado. And what I'm attempting to do is to start submitting my resume to ski resort holding companies, or mid-size companies located closer to ski communities.

My expertise is with Enterprise Business Application Systems (either reviewing, implementing, customizing or managing the support of the accounting and financial systems of mid size corporations).

All I need is an opportunity get my foot in the door. If anyone can help me get that first contact, I would be thankful. I only have one passion greater than skiing....my family . So I can't just move somewhere without having a good job like I have now.

PM me if anyone knows someone I can forward my Resume to.

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If by EBAS you mean tier 1 & 2 products like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, etc, then I'd suggest you look in the Denver area. JDE's office is in Denver, as are several of its clients. Working there, you're under 2 hours from some great skiing.

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