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Big Mountain this weekend?

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Any one want to meet up and ski Big Mountain this weekend? I'm heading up there to ski with a buddy and wanted to see if anyone else wants to go with.
We usually ski Hellroaring.
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I have to work every weekend.

Hopefully there will be some more snow there for you. High winds have blown most of the snow down to hardpack. I couldn't figure out where it went to, even Elephant's top edges were crusty. Slingshot had lots of large chunks that looked like the groomer was heaving stuff down the hill -- I don't know where they came from as they were NOT there yesterday. Because the winds today kept shifting I couldn't figure out where the good stuff might have gotten to, so I stayed on groomers. It was minus 10 at the top at 3:30, not counting wind chill.
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That sucks that you have to work! LOL

Yea, my buddy was up today and said that it was a bit brisk as well.
Oh well anyday I get to ski is a good day.
But I am hoping for some snow as well!
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Turns out I don't have to work tomorrow until 2 PM. Are you going to be there Saturday?
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