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MA Request

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Alright, I'll put my money where my mouth is. Some of you might remember the thread I started about "Guts Vs Technique" (There is one similar up right now but not that I started.) I went skiing for 4 days over Christmas break and took a few videos. Unfortunately we never got what I think is "good" MA style footage because of weather. What I do have is screen captures from a video my friend shot of me while skiing behind me. I used GOM Player to get them (its free). I uploaded the files to a zip on my website http://www.briceharris.net (download the skiing.zip)- download then unzip them then you can use the "preview" that XP has (either right click and select preview or double click the first image) to thumb through them quickly (if you hold the arrow down it looks as if it is the actual movie). I thought this might work well, if it doesn't i'll have to figure something else out as the videos aren't wanting to upload correctly. Let me know!

Anyways that was long winded, I'm 6'3, weigh 190, and skied 10 days a year since I was six. I can take any kind of criticism you can throw at me, so fire away with any and all comments!

This was a looow angle blue on half day old groom.

PS - sorry for the size of the file but its alot of jpegs
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Hey, this actually works!

I admit to being dubious when I read the directions, but this is a testimonial that it works. (I'd add a note to double click on the first frame to bring up the "preview" screen, though. I wasn't sure at first if that was what you were talking about.)

It may actually be a better way to watch MA movies than a real movie file, since having arrow keys go forward and back, potentially single stepping frames, is easier than with a mouse.

EDIT - you might also want to make an abridged version with maybe 3 "typical" turns for a smaller file. (I counted about 12 turns here.)
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Good idea, can't do it till late tonight but i'll shorten it! GOM player is the awesome, you can tell it to automatically take screen shots every "x" time for as long as you want! I just set the interval to 0 and it took every frame.
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Could you put the original avi file up there?
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I can, but it will probably be a few days. The avi's I have for some reason will only work on my computer. And nothing I can find will find the codecs for them. The guys computer that the original files are on had his mother board crash and is waiting to get a replacement before i can get to the files on the hard drive. I'll get them whenever they get fixed and put it up and bring the thread back up then!
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Well, I get a list of photos, but when I click or double click on #1, I just get a single image opened in Paint Shop Pro. I have XP, but don't see any "preview" that opens all of them, and I can't get thumbnails to open on all the pix either.
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I'm sorry my instructions aren't as good as i thought!

Alright, put your mouse over the first image in the folder and right click. Then you should have a menu pop up that has several options like "copy" "paste" "delete"

One of the top options should be "Preview" click that and it will open that image, but you can use the arrow keys to scroll through the rest of the images in the folder.

If that does not work then on the right click menu go to "Open With" and choose "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" (It is the same thing but a round about way of getting to it).

Again I apologize for the lack of communication in the previous instructions. I hope this clears things up

Thanks for trying!
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The good news is that you've got a good head of steam, you don't get knocked around too much and you're getting your edges engaged in the bottom half of the turns. Your turn initiation starts with an up move (e.g. 56066-56333) and you pivot through the top 1/2 of the turns (e.g. pics 56733-56800). You also tend to close your stance width to help get your weight inside the turns (pic 50600). Overall your body position is fairly banked through the turns (50600 shows the most angulation in a turn - which looks to be about 160 degrees where 180 is full banked).

Where we want to go with this kind of skiing is to get more edge engagement throughout the turn, but especially in the upper half of the turn. We want to replace the up move and upper body lean in to start the turn with a hip move forward and diagonally down the hill. The key is to start by finishing your turns more across the hill. From this position you can think of either moving your new inside hip forward and downhill or by lifting and tipping you inside ski (e.g. the PMTS phantom move). Regardless of how you do it, the goal is to roll the skis onto their downhill edges very early in the turn and let them do more of the turning for you. Along with this, you should get more upper/lower body separation where you can see some bigger angles formed between a titlted lower body and a more upright upper body.

With this kind of skiing, there are many different teaching approaches that can improve performance. Try the different suggestions that are bound to follow and see what works best for you.
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Alright I uploaded the original AVI. www.briceharris.net then download MVI _0949.avi

Thank you for the comments rusty, I see what you're saying about the "up" move, as well as needing to seperate the upper and lower parts of the body.
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Got to see the video. I'd echo what Rusty had to say regarding the ski action. I think you'd benefit from some coaching by an instructor well trained in use of modern equipment (not all well-experienced instructors are good at coaching use of modern equipment). As a time-being suggestion, I'd like to see you keeping your hands in your field of view as you look downhill and thinking, as Rusty noted, about moving your hips into new turns rather than diving from the head down. If you can see your hands, you can keep them generally level with the slope. This would allow you to judge whether your torso from the hips up is more upright and give you a sense of whether your movements are centered about your center of mass in the hips.
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