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USSA Coaching Clinics

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I'm hoping that some of you can provide me with a little background information on the USSA coaching clinics. I was signed up for the Level 100 clinic at Wachusett last weekend; unfortunately it was postponed due to lack of snow. As an organization, USSA has generally not impressed me with its communication and professionalism though I have heard positive things about the quality of training they provide. I am mostly curious about the value of the training clinics (at 2 days for $200), what it takes to progress to new levels, how many levels there are, what kind of weight a certification carries, etc.

FYI, I am going to be coaching for a university club team with a mix of experienced racers and strong recreational skiers with little or no race experience.

Thanks in advance for your replies.
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no style,
The answers to your questions are here. There 4 levels.

2004... hmmm Boston?

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I swear I looked for a FAQ and couldn't find it... man am I dumb. Thanks for the link!
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