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Next Seasons Atomics

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I was walking my Dog last night. I often take her up by the Park City Mountain Resort Center. We walked by Rennstallsm ski tuning and there leaning againest the wall were some Atomic Skis Like I have never seen before. the shop was closed so I couldn't ask about them. all 3 skis that I could see had the Plus arms the one ski looked like a new Rex it was a Ex somthing or other. from the window I couldn't read the complete name on the ski. It looked to have a lot more side cut then the current Ex also they had new graphics. Gone was the now familure Atomic Orange. the graphics were multi colored. The other ski looked a lot like it could be a replacement for The R2 not as wide as the Rex. Still it was wider then the cuurent R9 my guess would be in the 75-76 mm range It also had a lot of side cut and Pluse arms. Then there was the last in the bunch I would have to say this was the replacement for the R11? Again this is a guess. None had an Atomic plate. all had Atomic bindings mounted yet they all seem to be able to except other bindings. tommarow is my day off from work If I have the time, might be able to stop in and find out more about what I saw in the window.

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I have tuned my buddy's 05'Atomic M2Trons twice for him they are 127-76-114 make an 11m radius turn and he loves them. He has skied groomers and bumps. They are gray with a spot of orange and another color up near the tip. He say's they are the replacement for the R11. They have Ti rails that move inside the ski to allow it to flex. The binding is all new. It has the ability to be moved on the ski but it is not as easy to move as the old binding.
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Wow those are some freaky dimensions (127-76-114). This ski has the potential to invent a new discipline: powder slalom skis.
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If you look at the new mid-fats this year, this 75+/- 2mm waist seems to be the start of the next evoloution of skis. 05' Atomics may be just the next step.
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Just talked with the owner of my preferred local shop - he's just back from the annual ski industry show in Las Vegas. He said that the new Atomic SX:10 is intended to fit in between the SX:9 & SX:11 rather than replace one or the other of the existing models.
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I saw the Atomic M2 Tron 11 (I think 11 was the number) a few weeks ago at SportsDen in SLC. Totally different than any other ski on the market. It seems like it was designed to be a fattened up carver ski. I really don't see them being that good of a powder ski with that much sidecut. 75 mm waist isn't much these days, my Volkl 724 Pros with a 77mm waist are my all mtn skis, not my powder skis. The Trons 127mm tips just seem like a nightmare in bumps but you never know. My Pocket Rockets with 122mm tips really aren't that bad, but they're not designated really as an all-mountain board. I think the Trons have way too much sidecut for an all-mountain expert ski meant to do everything. It seems like you would get a ton of 'bridging' on steeps. I'm really surprised Atomic felt like this could replace the beloved R:11. I guess for the person that can't decide between buying an extreme carving ski and a midfat they now have an option.

I also saw the new Atomic M2 Tron EX. Its basically a 10.EX or REX with a little more sidecut and a hair more width. I don't remember the dimensions, but it was just a few millimeters different from the current REX.

And like the post above me says, you now have the choice between SX:9, SX:10, and SX:11.
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