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I had a great group of kids on the last day of a six week series. I let them choose the runs all day long. They wanted a taste of some diamond runs. It had snowed about a foot a few days earlier and this one run was all cut up and starting to get a heavy feeling. The kids,7 to 10 year olds, were entry parallel and would wedge when they felt they needed better control. These kids biffed and splatted and fell all the way down this run.Some handled it better than others but they all fell sometime. I would let them go and then follow to pick them up and help them get their stuff back on.
When we got to the bottom they all had these huge smiles on their faces and said 'that was great' Can we do it again? We did.
I sure missed those kids when the series was over. I love this job.
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I started skiing last year, and recently I skied a rather steep trail in good form and was so happy at the end. I burst out laughing!
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Yesterday was a grin!

There was some mighty fine spring skiing in So. Vt just yesterday.

For hoots, another patroller and I thought it a good idea to make a tour of the north face area advanced trails. Most of which were closed. Icey in the morning and not enough coverage to be termed "skiable". (Though they were)

With the warm air and sunshine, everything had softened up very nicely.
We found ourselves on empty slopes (Oh right, they were closed ;-) Well in the case of patrol, the jacket goes a long way to making the man and the mountain ". Has the term "patrollers reserve" been heard? It's a fine vintage.

The skiing was Wonderful!, edge grip on the steeps (Rip Chord),long soft bumps (Jaws) and a hollar and hoot of fast bump turns down the short pitch we call the Toilet Bowl at the bottom of Plummet. Long stretches of route selection as we arced our way past islands of snow seperated by grass on Olympic. Boy did we keep our heads up!

Can I say laugh? You better bet'cha!

Laughing out loud!


Hair Bag is a hoot! The last time through, I thought I might den up with some bear!. We were a bunch of Eastern patrollers on a mission, and we came out big, soft and deep, steep too, and a bit tight in places, Kind of depends on where you go in, We went right from the top, off Flap Jack, so were a bit East of the Hairbag map line. but the run is much longer.

The funniest was that one of our group was a big guy who was getting a bit tired. (Party the previous night.) It was thick, and though none of us could actually see one another we were likely only 20 yards apart (NO ONE crossed another track all the way down! ) The struggle brought "certain sounds" out from the trees as the energy drained into the deep and steep.
The first ones out waited at Rogers Run for the rest to come out, first two, then three, then a forth and fifth, we could tell that when our friend would emerge, there was going to be hell to pay for bring him in there.

Well, We all stiffeled the belly laugh we wanted to loose on that pleasant afternoon, for when the last of our group did emerge, the redness of his face and neck, and the steam rising from his head and open parka told a story of too much exertion to allow any humor.

We let the raving subside, resting on our own experience of the wonderful turns through Hairbag, and then letting each go on down without much discussion. Inside, I was a riot of satisfaction.!

So yea! Hairbag can bring out a laugh from time to time.

Been through "Kittys Lair?

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I thought the season was winding down in Colorado... Then this past Friday it snowed and I ended up going skiing on Saturday. I joined some friends and we made first tracks all day... On ungroomed runs and in the trees. All three of us agreed that it was becoming difficult to ski with our mouths open so wide due to all the laughing and smiling we were doing.
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I usually laugh the more unskiable conditions get. Once at Alpine there was a section of frozen crusty pow chunks at the top - just miserable. We tried skiing it and could just manage a few turns before bailing to the groomed. But for some reason I find this kind of torture funny - usually a few marketing quips about packed powder or something you'd find on a website about how great conditions are, or how much we love skiing there
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Two days ago at Jackson Hole for Gaper Fool's Day - some of the costumes were hilarious. Just riding the lift above them made us laugh.
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Wildcat NH on a $9 friday, after some 2' of heavy dump in Late feb/early march '10. The place was turning people away, but my friend and I managed to get in there. He wanted to demo, but found out the hard-way that wildcat demo's are a pair of 165's (he's 6'2" 230) circa 1992.

After tiring myself out all day on the safer stuff, finally manned up and started randomly picking the blacks. Chose "Hairball", and what a laugh-riot that was. Tons of powder to fall into, and lots of rocks to jump off of. I'll never forget how funny it was (to me).
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Liftline at Sugarbush, vt last february after/during a big storm. I guess the whole castlerock area was unbelievable, but liftline especially.


There was probably 2+  feet of new snow on the ground, headed over to castlerock early before the lines came and, counting the tracks i could see on the trail, i was probably the 3rd or 4th one down it. Liftline is a mogul trail with a lot of mini cliffs/rocks. There was enough snow to make everything huckable and thats pretty much what i did, the whole way down it was basicaly hucking a rock or mogul, landing, one or two turns, then jumping off something else. I probably spent more time in the air than i did on the ground. simply incredible feeling the whole way down. I ended the run with a super hard hockey stop to get a last faceshot, and ended up doing it too far and falling over, i just lay on the ground laughing and waiting for the snow to fall back to the ground so i could watch my brother come down behind me. That whole week was just awesome.

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