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Info On PALE Skis...

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howdy, kidz,

found these on ebay:


do any bears have these/this brand...experience 1st hand or 3rd foot...just curious to know...the home gear page is:

http://www.palesport.at/index.php?op...47&Itemi d=33

hopefully winter is on its' way here in the temperate zones of the ne region of these here united states...i have yet to get out & play on the snow.

thx boyz & gurlz,

bruce marks
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man, those are all short and skinny.

longest model length was 180, but most capped out at 165. And the 180 was only 74 underfoot. Interesting that they don't make fatter/wider models considering that they make snowboards, as well.
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Now they make some fatter models. Does anyone have any information about them?

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