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Anyone Ski Northstar Here?

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whats up i was just wondering if there were any people with northstar season passes on this site i ski there all the time and it would be cool to meet some new ski buddies
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I have two passes to Northstar. When I use them - they are only good Tuesday through Thursday - I will try to remember and look you up....
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i ski northstar from time to time.

actually was there over New Year's with my pops. Conditions were pretty par for the course for Tahoe this season: mostly packed "powder" groomers with the backside being either 1. icy as hell or 2. full of all kinds of obstacles.

for example, i was ripping down Flying Squirrel (totally forgetting that this run usually dumps out into a mogul fest) and came right to the crest of the mogul field and pulled a Mr. Costanza (i.e. I stopped short) as there was a womand and two rug rats blocking the run. They had done the same thing and were haggling with ski patrol in an effort to get them to carry all 3 down the run. further down the run were 3 snowboarders, all of whom had clicked out and were walking down the run. Me, I surveyed the sitch and cherry picked my way through the ice and shrubs with what i felt was considerable aplomb (I'm not terribly graceful on moguls, but every once in awhile I catch the groove).

at any rate, i'm down for hitting NS from time to time and actually have a few $49 discount tix which makes heading there even less painful.

last season they gave me %50 off M-F tickets with my Heavenly Pass. This season they're only giving me $11! oh well.
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