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LCC, The Storm and the Crash

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Sunday, 02-Feb-03, what a day in Little Cottonwood Canyon. I hear that it was just as good at other resorts, but I was at, you guess it, Alta.

It started out slow for me, Shin Bang from two hard days of skiing hardpack were starting to catch up to me. Quite a few Advil later I was making decent turns. It snowed much harder than expected, and kept fresh tracks in secret areas around for a long time. I even found a few new things along the cliff bands in Supreme. What a day on the slopes. Alta's web page reported 28" storm total.

Per usual, my day ended in the bar with some friends, including RustyEdge from Georga, and WTFH. We enjoyed a few pitchers waiting for the roads to clear. It seemed that they would open, then close back just as quickly. No big deal, we were having a good time. This is when we hear about the bus crash and the SUV. Scary. When the road finially opened again, we rushed to get on the road, 7:30pm, 3 hours after the ski day ended.

We got in line at the top, and waited, drove a few miles and came to a complete stop, in high avalanche terrain. Interesting...

A few hours later we finially came across the bus accident. Follow the below link to read up on it, it was pretty late when we finially got home. AC, it would have been great to make some more turns with you, but you would have been pretty late getting back to Tahoe.


People, slow down in the canyons! Its not that big of a deal to wait it out, now somebody's loved one is dead, and peoples lives are runined. Sad, very sad.
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Very sad news about the accident.

I would have loved to have been out there with you guys, sounds like one of those incredible days of rejuvenating fresh tracks. But it was a blast running around the mountain with all of the crew the previous two days, and AltaSkier and Bob Peters did a great job at guiding. Looking forward to making turns with that gang again some day -- let me know if any bears get out to Tahoe and I will show you around to the good stuff (resort or bc).

Until then, pray for snow (or more snow in the case of UT and WY).
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The people in the suv involved in the accident were all there with powder magazine. Some were employees of the magazine, some were reps from various companies. While the driver should have used more caution, it is a very sad time for their families and the people at Powder.
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